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Dylan Maguire & Joaquin Arrenas in Cape Town

“We have already seen their episode together and now we have the pleasure of bring Joaquin Arrenas and Dylan Maguire back as our joint models of the week. These images are part of our Sex Safari series and were taken in Cape Town by Benno Thoma.” — Watch the hardcore preview @ Bel Ami Online […]

Christian Lundgren & Antony Lorca in a couples shoot

“Although today’s photo set is technically classed as a ‘couples’ set, it is more like a set featuring 2 guys, Christian Lundgren and Antony Lorca… with a few guest spots from Nils Tatum and Torsten Ullman in the video. This blond and brunette combination works really well, and as both guys have known each other […]

4Play — Jeff Mirren & Ryan McKenna’s sexy selfie shoot

“Guest photographer Benno Thoma is back with us today for our Art Collection set of images with Jeff Mirren and Ryan McKenna. Benno has chosen to split this set into 2 scenarios, the first a ‘selfie’ session in bed, and then a more striking and artistic outdoor session. Either way, both guys look great and […]

Art Collection — Freshmen hunk Kirk Gauguin

“This is our final Viva Colombia photo-session and the only one to lack an actual Columbian. Instead we have the seductive Kirk Gauguin to stir your libidos. We’ve had these special Art Collections courtesy of Eliot Klein and guest photographer Benno Thoma for over a year and their ending is bitter sweet. Bitter in that […]

Peachy keen — Christian Lundgren

Hump Day hottie Christian Lundgren making himself right at home… photo source: Bel Ami Online

4Play — Christian’s hot for Hoyt

It’s Hoyt Kogan and Christian Lundgren — together again. Don’t these boner buddies make a lovely couple? Christian’s got a hard-on for Hoyt’s cute little butt, and I know exactly how he feels. See the rest of these homoerotic nude pin-ups after the jump… photo source: Bel Ami Online

Peachy keen — Christian Lundgren

I think Christian Lundgren‘s being a little coy, but he knows we want him… photo source: Bel Ami Online

Peachy keen — Jerome Exupery

Jerome Exupery getting ready for his closeup. photo source: Bel Ami Online

Spring has finally sprung…

… and today’s a good day to get some gardening done. Get a closer look at nudie cuties Hoyt Kogan and Christian Lundgren after the jump… photo source: Bel Ami Online

Jambo Africa — Helmut & friend

In honor of National Pet Day, here’s some sexy shots of Helmut Huxley — with a lucky pup. Being kind to cute little dogs really amps up the sploosh! factor with this one, don’t you think? These shots aren’t even pornographic. It’s just good, wholesome casual nudity. Full-size nude pin-ups after the jump… photo source: […]

Jambo Africa — Christian Lundgren

Here’s yet another pretty boy who seems a bit taken by his own reflection. We do seem to get a lot of those around here. This time it’s Christian Lundgren puttering around the house in the altogether. Nice ass! Scroll through his full-size pin-ups after the jump… photo source: Bel Ami Online

Jambo Africa — Helmut & Jerome

It’s a Bel Ami Art Collection shoot featuring Helmut Huxley, Jerome Exupery and a clawfoot bathtub. Helmut looks charming as usual. Though in shot number three it doesn’t look like he’s in the mood for Jerome’s clowning. See their full-size nude pin-ups after the jump… photo source: Bel Ami Online

Jambo Africa — Steve Skarsgaard

Wow! Bel Ami casting struck gold with another one. Much like his predecessor Hoyt Kogan, Steve Skarsgaard — in addition to having a look that’s worthy of the Skarsgaard brand — has the jaw-dropping good looks of someone who could model professionally. I’ve always had a weakness for beautiful, brown haired, blue-eyed boys… Check out […]

Christian Lundgren in the flesh

“This photosession is a little sneak peek at some of the material from our upcoming African series. While Christian Lundgren looks stunning in almost any situation, the Cape Town climate seems particularly flattering. This particular shoot was made for us by Eliot, but in the series there will be a mix of Eliot’s photosets, and […]