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Big softie — Shirt-cocking Colt model Rick Koch

Handsome classic Colt model Rick Koch — with his hairy chest and five o’clock shadow — is shirt-cocking in a blue tank top with a big ‘n’ stiff one coming on. Find more of his vintage erotic nudes at Colt Studio Group. Join Colt Studio Group to see Rick Koch’s vintage nudes.

Peachy keen — Shirt-cocking daddy in a clingy wet tank top

Now I’m dying to know what he looks like from the other side. ? photo source: @chechoeme

Classis Colt model Sam Dekker shirt-cocking it

Friday flashback: The Jon Snow is strong in this one. It’s vintage Colt Studios model Sam Dekker (not to be confused with that other dude named Sam Dekker). And he needs to cool off and have a beer because apparently it’s way too hot for pants. See the rest of his bottomless pin-ups after the […]

Chris Hemsworth shirt-cocking it

Chris Hemsworth is a bottomless possible bottom(?) — and hard as a rock in this fantastic fake. photo source: twfakes

An Homage to Russell Tovey

Russell Tovey is one of the sexiest actors in Hollywood, and the fact that he’s openly gay is just icing on the cake. Cake, cake, cake, cake! Russell has so many insanely hot nude and gay scenes, and we’re rounding them up right here so you don’t have to. HOT TIP: For the full NSFW […]

Homoerotic hotness — Mark Sullivan & Peter Annaud

“Time for another couple photoset soon. We’ve chosen for you Mark Sullivan and Peter Annaud for the occasion. Both guys are fit and handsome and make a nice visual contrast. Of course we get the added bonus of Peter’s massive dick. As usual, the boys seem to have a lot of fun during these special […]

Top 10 Male Nude Scenes of 2019

The top ten nude scenes of 2019 are here, many of them are queer, but oh baby we’ll never get used to it. These are the shocking scenes that rocked 2019. We’re talking everything from Zac Efron’s head-turning serial killer cavity search in his role as Ted Bundy, to the twenty-one flopping high school locker […]

Peachy keen — Kaleb Stryker

Bubble-butted & shirt-cocking porn stud Kaleb Stryker, from Sean Cody &, serves up some sweet cakes in these naughty photos from his personal account. See him go fuck himself after the jump… photo source: Kaleb Stryker

Happy birthday, Zac Efron!

Today is Zac Efron’s birthday, so let’s celebrate his hotness on his 32nd birthday. Can you believe Zac is over 30?

“Wait. That five year time jump means he’s legal, right?”

I think Aunt May just got the third biggest surprise of her life. What the fu– ?!?! ? photo source: @AustinWilde

Taekwondo — Don’t Cum For Me Argentina

A bunch of hot, sweaty, Latino hunks showing off the majesty of their muscles as they workout and fight? PLEASE sign me up. Taekwondo is an Argentinian movie exploring one gay man’s encounter with a house full of straight guys after being invited for a summer getaway. It turns out that he encounters an enviable […]