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An American In Prague — Big dicked Blake bones Mario

Mario Texeira has a smile on his face while bottoming bareback for Blake Mitchell

“We are back for our 2nd American in Prague scene today pairing Blake Mitchell with relative newcomer, Mario Texeira. When we were planning this series with Blake, we all envisaged him bottoming for Adam Archuleta in this scene, but unfortunately it wasn’t to be, so we brought in young Mario as a substitute partner to bottom for Blake instead.

While we were all looking forward to Blake bottoming for Adam, we don’t want to diminish the performance given by both Blake and Mario here. There was a great chemistry between the 2 and director Luke Hamill went above and beyond to make sure that this scene was on fire. Coming up next in the series is the adorable and insatiable Sven Basquiat.” — Watch the hardcore preview @ Bel Ami Online

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An American In Prague - Gay porn star Blake Mitchell & Mario Texeira (Bel Ami Online)

Jerome Exupery horsing around with Mario Texeira & Blake Mitchell

Butt naked hotties Mario Texeira & Blake Mitchell getting romantic

Mario Texeira & Blake Mitchell making out nude in the hot tub (Bel Ami Online)

Blake Mitchell smacking Mario Texeira's naked ass in the hot tub

Mario Texeira & Blake Mitchell just out of the hot tub

Mario Texeira on his knees sucking off Blake Mitchell

Sweet-assed Mario Texeira going down on Blake Mitchell

Two thumbs up as Blake Mitchell is about to get a blowjob from Mario Texeira

Mario Texeira sucking Blake Mitchell's cock

Fellatio! Mario Texeira giving horsehung Blake Mitchell a blowjob

Gay porn stars Mario Texeira & Blake Mitchell (Bel Ami Online)

Blake Mitchell playing with Mario Texeira's cute butt

Hot gay blowjob! Blake Mitchell sucking Mario Texeira's dick

Blake Mitchell rimming Mario Texeira's ass

Rimjob! Blake Mitchell jamming his tongue into Mario Texeira's butt hole

Blake Mitchell's big hard uncut dick

Mario Texeira jacks off while Blake Mitchell fucks him

Mario Texeira has a smile on his face while bottoming bareback for Blake Mitchell

Blake Mitchell kissing Mario Texeira while fucking him from behind

Full frontal nude of gay porn star Blake Mitchell with an erection

Blake Mitchell fucking Mario Texeira sideways while kissing him

Blake Mitchell kissing Mario Texeira while sliding his big dick up his ass

Blake Mitchell is An American In Prague (Bel Ami Online)

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