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Arnold Schwarzenegger nude

It’s the one that started them all. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger visits one of Khah-lee-foh-nee-ah’s greatest landmarks, the Griffith Observatory, in this iconic nude scene from the original Terminator. You could actually see his flopping peen as he steps out of the shadows. Honestly, though, Arnie never really did it for me. As a horny gay ’80s kid, The Terminator was all about Michael Biehn, who has a similar nude scene. Ah, Michael Biehn… ::sigh:: Come with me if you want to live, indeed!

video source: Mr. Man

“The butt is back! Arnold Schwarzenegger arrives on Earth and immediately menaces some punks.” — Mr. Man

Naked butt shot

Full frontal nude

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Mr. Man

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