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Big softie — Dolphin smooth

A shaved naked hunk with a big flacid cock.

With nary a hair down there, this shaved hunk could glide through the water like a fish. Er, aquatic mammal. You know what I mean…

photo source: dreameddesiresii

If this sexy shot puts you in the mood, find harder stuff on demand.

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2 years ago

He is smooth and sexy! Woof!

Sick O’Shaved
Sick O’Shaved
2 years ago

I am so unbelievably tired of looking at male models and porn performers who are bald and shaved below the belt! It’s like looking in a prepubescent child and it is not sexy in anyway shape or form. I wish this trend would die a quick death. And I wish media sources like this one would encourage the photographers and producers to cut this crap with giving us shaved and bald groin areas, especially since so many of them get disgusting little razor stubble bumps from over grooming. Let’s get it straight here, trimming and shaving does not make your luck dick look bigger it just makes you look like a child. And men or women who think it’s sexier to look at a bald crotch on a man need to have their pedophile tendencies and interests examined, Because only prepubescent children are naturally smooth down there, and if that’s what turns you on then there is a problem.

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