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Boxing Day — Trent Diesel » Hot sweaty boxer

Trent Diesel is a shit disturber with a twisted fetish. He’s one hell of a fighter. Sure, he can really kick some ass but Trent also has another side — he loves to get his ass kicked. Trent will pick fights just to have aggressive sex with hot guys. ‘Fucking and Fighting, Fighting and fucking!’ is Trent’s mantra. Late one night he follows Spencer Reed into the urinal and comments on the size of his member. ‘For a big guy you got a little cock.’ Spencer is not pleased but lets him off with a warning, so Trent does not relent. Spencer’s buddy, muscle bound Jason Adonis has had enough and they exchange blows. Spencer and Jason hold Trent down on the pool table to teach Trent a lesson. ‘You think this cocks to small,’ says Spencer holding onto his largeerect cock. ‘I’ll show you what’s small. Spencer shoves his fat cock into Trent’s tight ass. Trent squirms is pain as Jason holds him down. Spencer rides him hard, they switch off and Jason fucks Trent hard with Trent enjoying every minute of it. Then Jason pulls out and forces his cock into Trent’s mouth, he fucks his mouth with the same gusto, forcing the cock in and out. Spencer then takes front position and fucks Trent’s mouth as well swapping back and forth between the two big cocks. They force him back on the table and takes turns fucking him again till cum is flying all over them. It may look like Trent lost the fight, but then again did he?” — Raging Stallion (Trent Diesel in Brutal, Pt. 1)

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