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Chris Pine’s penis is of interest

A full frontal Chris Pine fake nude (actually Paddy O'Brian's body)

In a move that will surely stiffen the competition amongst the Hollywood Chrises, Star Trek and Wonder Woman star Chris Pine — who is not Captain America, Thor nor Starlord — has an existential full frontal nude scene in the upcoming November Netflix feature The Outlaw King. But don’t worry. It’s not gratuitous. The plot required it. I guess we won’t have to mentally undress him for very long, because he’s about to show us the real thing. Watch Chris talk about his interesting penis after the jump…

photo source: ExcellentMen

“There’s so much beheading in this, and yet people want to talk about my penis. And I think that says something about our society where people can get disemboweled, but it’s the man’s junk that is of interest… You know, I wouldn’t, obviously, do it otherwise if I didn’t feel it was important. But when I — in the early discussion, and not to make this too existential about my, you know, full frontal — but Dave [Mackenzie] and I talked about, you know, underneath the Emperor’s clothes is a mewling, puking little kid who was, once upon a time, just rolling around in the mud and a child. And the idea that underneath every Prime Minister and president and ruling leader that we give power to is someone that is just an animal. And if you stripped all that bullshit aside they would be hunting and gathering and fornicating and pooping. And I know that sounds funny but like really we are just base animals, and I thought it was very important to see this man who’s going to have power would be an animal and anyway… And there’s the full frontal of it.” — Chris Pine; via The Hollywood Reporter

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