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Chuck’s lookin’ sexy with a semi

Full frontal nude of semi-hard hunk Chuck.

Next Door hunk Chuck subtly draws your attention to one of his best features.

photo source: Next Door Male, via

“Chuck is back with his winning smile, and more cut physique, and that nice hard cock of his. Clearly dedicated to his workout regime since the last time we saw him, Chuck checks back in with a little more experience and a little more broad shouldered than his first shoot. What he hasn’t changed is his easygoing demeanor, affable sense of humor and a willingness to put on a show. Stripping out of his clothes, he reveals his fetish: designer underwear- in this case, a festive rainbow striped pair that looks like a stick of Juicy Fruit. Peeling out of his shorts, Chuck’s cock is already half-hard, and he strokes it and massages it around for a little until it’s standing straight up and ready for action. Chuck moves up to one knee, bending over the weight bench and point his ass towards a full length mirror, fondling his cheeks and teasing his hole. He stands upright and works his dick some more, moving over to the mirror as he flexes his bicep, and then spraying the mirror with his thick load, watching it drip down the glass towards the floor in messy streaks of milky white.” — Next Door Male

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