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Classic Colt pin-up Kyle Jessup & his legendary body

Kyle Jessup full frontal nude (Colt Studios)

Friday flashback: Here are some colorful studio nudes of ’80s Colt model Kyle Jessup. Aside from his nude pin-ups, you can see his muscles in motion in a nude shower scene from Colt’s erotic beefcake video Legendary Bodies. See more full-size nudes after the jump…

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Kyle Jessup full frontal nude leather fetish photo with boots, gloves & jacket (Colt Studios)

Kyle Jessup full frontal nude touching his c-ck (Colt Studios)

Kyle Jessup full frontal nude with a hard c-ck (Colt Studios)

“A standout from the ‘Legendary Bodies’ Series, COLT Man Icon Kyle Jessup‘s muscular physique is a declaration of perfection that inspires awe and adoration. With a considerable talent for posing and flexing Kyle Jessup’s photos exemplify truly masculine, erotic art; the male nude perfected. Thick slabs of smooth muscle on full display… Enjoy every inch of Kyle Jessup’s magnificent body with this collection of rare and never before seen images.” — Colt Studio Group

Colt Icons - Kyle Jessup

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