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Daily Dude — Sebastian Kross

Gay porn star Sebastian Kross

Sebastian Kross, the horsehung pretty boy with the tatted chest, is an excellent top who’ll drive any willing bottom to pound town. On occassion he enoys wrapping his pretty lips around a big, hard cock. You can watch him give a double beej in Hooker Stories 3. Or see him drink JJ Knight‘s jizz in Desert Getaway.

Gay porn star Sebastian Kross

Gay porn star Sebastian Kross

Sean Zevran giving Sebastian Kross a blowjob in Krossfire.

Sebastian Kross fucking Sean Zevran

Compact and built like a gymnast, Sebastian Kross is big where it counts! His cut cock is seven and a half inches of hardness that feels good in the mouth or in some other greedy hole! Watch this Falcon stud fuck lucky bottoms in Krossfire, Double Kross (Falcon Studios), On the Lookout (Naked Sword), and more! — Bio by AEBN

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  1. Assfreak-Aleks

    Assfreak-Sebastian has a very nice ass!

    November 28, 2017 at 6:01 pm

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