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Hot shot — Bath time for Brandon

Nice ass!

“No one defines summer perfection like Brandon does. The instant I saw him standing there with his tight shirt stretched across his torso, I had this feeling that he was going to be fun! I love being right. He is quietly confident, with an understated, sarcastic sense of humor. He is probably a guy that can make anyone want to sleep with him just by looking at them.

‘What part of your body gets the most attention from people?’

‘My chest.’

‘You realize I am going to make you show it off right?’

‘Probably.’ He smiled.

‘Lose the shirt… you knew that was coming.’

‘I might mess up my hair,’ he laughed.

I wouldn’t care if he had walked in with bed head! Brandon’s body? Amazing! He is naturally smooth, with perfect skin, big muscles, and an awesome butt that does not quit!” — Sean Cody

photo source: Sean Cody

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Sean Cody

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