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Hot shot — Lukas Daken

Gay porn star Lukas Daken (Drill My Hole)

Studly and semi-hard Lukas Daken is almost ready to probe some ass. Click over to Drill My Hole to see him in action with Paddy O’Brian and Francois Sagat in Anal Abduction.

photo source: Drill My Hole

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“It’s an alien invasion! Chiseled hunk Paddy O’Brian narrowly escapes being sucked into their spaceship when beefy stud Francois Sagat comes to his rescue. At least, that’s what he thought, until he ended up on their lab table! The aliens give him an ass probing with their many toys before revealing their true form. Paddy is shocked, and cannot believe his eyes when Francois and muscular Lukas Daken turn out to be the invaders.” — Drill My Hole

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