Hylas and Hercules (Bel Ami Online)

Jambo Africa — Rhys Jagger bones Pip Caulfield

Riding his cock feels so good!

Rhys Jagger is of 2 minds today: to shave or not to shave, in the end he decides that if he doesn’t shave he looks like a sexy Daddy type and will have a better chance at picking up one of the younger guys on this Sex Safari production.

His decision seems to be the right one when he tries out the new look on Pip Caulfield, who has been left to his own devices for the day.

Pip’s reaction to Rhys’ new look is one of insant attraction and pretty soon the pair are engaged in some pretty intense foreplay and fucking.

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Sexy gay porn stars Rhys Jagger & Pip Caulfield (Bel Ami Online)

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