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Johnny Anglais full frontal nude

Awkward! Hot naked hunk Johnny Anglais gives us an in-your-face flash of his floppy cock and a rear view of his tasty ass in this full frontal nude scene from the 2015 British comedy Legacy. Johnny (real name Benedict Garrett) is a male porn star who sometimes works under the name Jonny Cockfill. This scandalous male porn star was a contestant on the UK version of Big Brother. You can get a better look at Johnny in his solo appearance at the gay porn site Men At Play. I’m pretty sure he could’ve won our Battle of the Cock.

video source: Mr. Man

“Johnny Anglais (aka Jonny Cockfill) walks into a room fully nude and oiled up with two similarly nude ladies, letting his cock flap about and giving us a look at his ass as they’re shooed out of the room!” — Mr. Man

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Mr. Man

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