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Justin Timberlake nude

A funny and sexy fake full frontal nude of Justin Timberlake!

A hot and funny nude photo Justin Timberlake.

photo source: ExcellentMen

UPDATE: I guess people are coming here because of Patricia Clarkson. Yes, Tammy No. 1 saw Justin’s cock for real, and she says it’s huge!

“Clarkson participated in a segment aptly titled, ‘How Big Was It,’ where Cohen asked the actress questions about her career. The late-night host asked Clarkson who had the biggest chance of being her ‘friend with benefits’ IRL while filming the 2011 rom-com, in which she played Mila Kunis’ mom.

‘Hands down Justin Timberlake,’ Clarkson said, without hesitation. ”Cause if we want to talk about big … Sorry, Justin. Oh god.’

‘Well, I had the good fortune to get to see him all there because they were shooting a scene where he couldn’t put anything on,’ Clarkson admitted. ‘He is a gorgeous man.’

‘He’s gifted below the waist,’ Cohen said. ‘Oh, yes,’ she replied.

‘We’ve been doing this show for nine years, that’s maybe the best scoop ever!’ Cohen said, to which Clarkson replied, ‘I mean, oh my god, his mother’s gonna kill me.'” — Patricia Clarkson, via TooFab

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  1. Erik

    I would lick Justin from his dick tip to his asshole

    November 9, 2018 at 3:40 pm

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