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Mentally undress Chris Pine

A full frontal fantasy nude of Chris Pine in the locker room.

I enjoyed watching Chris Pine strut around in William Shatner’s tight pants in the upcoming Star Trek: Into Darkness. After glimpsing those bulging brief shots from the previous Star Trek movie and the runaway train adventure Unstoppable, I’m sure that this fantasy nude isn’t too far from reality.

P.S. — Body and big dick borrowed from vintage male centerfold model Scott Taylor.

photo source: ExcellentMen

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Jimi Paradise
5 years ago

OMG; my dreams come true! 😛


[…] Scott Taylor was a hung, muscular hunk who did porn modeling back in the day for skin mags like Men, Honcho and Torso. He’s since grown up and morphed into a lean, chiseled daddy. When you scroll through these vintage nudes, you might see something familiar. […]

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