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Mentally undress Jamie Dornan

Jamie Dornan's visible penis line?

Jamie Dornan broke the internet by releasing a photo of himself with what appears to be a throbbing, rock-hard boner in his tight pants. The photo was meant to promote tourism to his home country Northern Ireland. Maybe the picture accomplishes this goal, but probably not in the way the creative team at Discover Northern Ireland intended.

I’m sure the last thing they want you to be thinking about is Jamie Dornan’s dick. They don’t want you to be wondering whether or not he really does hang to the right — whether or not his cock head really would extend all the way over to his pocket. They definitely don’t want you to be thinking about how being born in Northern Ireland means the Fifty Shades star is most certainly uncircumcised. They might not want you to think about how it would feel to slide his foreskin up and down his warm, pulsating penis shaft. No, they wouldn’t want that at all…

Or would they? After all, in his most famous role the Irish hunk did flash some cock root during a graphic, prick-teasing sex scene. And he gave us the full monty in that one revealing photo shoot. So maybe that is what they want. Plus their tweet does suggest they have a “heart-on” for the UK’s most popular dom.

I can just hear the slogan. “Northern Ireland: Come for Jamie Dornan’s boner; stay for the verdant, seaside bluffs!”

photo source: DiscoverNI, via Twitter

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