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Oral fixation — Adriano blows Marcello

Adriano Marquez & Marcello Reeves (Titan Men)

Adriano Marquez & Marcello Reeves (Titan Men)

Adriano Marquez & Marcello Reeves (Titan Men)

Fellatio Friday! The oh so very handsome, square-jawed Adriano Marquez looks incredible with Marcello Reeves big fat dick in his mouth, doesn’t he? One of the highlights of this scene from the Titan classic Desert Train is watching the masculine hunk gives his hung and uncut scene partner.

photo source: Titan Men

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“Somewhere in the desert, muscular Adriano Marquez is exploring rugged rock formations when he bumps into another Latino cutie, Marcello Reeves. They retreat to a cave for another kind of exploration, and we don’t mean spelunking — spunking maybe, but not spelunking. Adriano gives Marcello a blowjob with lots of suction (like all gay boys should — take note of his technique). All that sucking wore them out, and they retire through a narrow passage in the rocks. Surprise! It’s a scenic waterfall. After a refreshing splash, Marcello feasts on Adriano’s meaty ass and fucks him doggy and missionary, but these are two restless desert nomads. They can’t seem to stay in the same place very long. So they depart the rock formations for a green and shady glen, where Marcello sucks Adriano before returning to fucking. Marcello cums, but not Adriano. By the time they finished, they must have both had blue balls.” — Watch the hardcore trailer @ Titan Men

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