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Ryan Kutcher big ‘n’ stiff

Gay porn star Ryan Kutcher. (Bel Ami Online)

Ryan Kutcher is a Czech hockey player, furnished with all the troubles that the sport brings. When I first saw Ryan, he struck me as an archetypal Bel Ami model: broad shoulders, athletic and sporting a big cock. He possesses all the elements of an exclusive model, but it was an uphill battle to convince him to come shoot for me. It took more than a year, but we eventually came to an agreement. Sadly, just as we were about to start shooting, it surfaced that I’d inherited a model who had previously done a photoshoot with another studio. We discovered this because someone sent these pictures to Ryan’s mother, which spooked him and he decided that he wasn’t ready to film.” — Bel Ami Online

photo source: Bel Ami Online; via

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Bel Ami Online - Last Summer in Greece

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