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Sexiest 2018 Emmy Nominees Nude In Their Nominated Roles!

“Snatching trophies, and snatching clothes! We’re celebrating the 2018 Emmy nominations by checking out the hottest actors nude in their nominates roles. That means you can see Darren Criss, Ricky Martin, Benedict Cumberbatch, Matthew Rhys, and Milo Ventimiglia strip down in this very special Mr. Man Minute!” — Mr. Man

video source: Mr. Man

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Darren Criss getting sprayed in the face on American Crime Story.

Nude Darren Criss taking in the view on American Crime Story.

Butt naked Darren Criss going skinny dipping on American Crime Story.Darren Criss’ ass makes a splash during a skinny dipping scene on American Crime Story.

Benedict Cumberbatch taking a bath on Patrick Melrose

Benedict Cumberbatch just out of the bubble bath on Patrick MelroseBenedict Cumberbatch bares his bubble butt just out of the bubble bath on Patrick Melrose.

Matthew Rhys stripped down to his dad drawers on The Americans

Matthew Rhys' cover gets blown on The AmericansMatthew Rhys’ cover gets blown on the FX Cold War spy drama The Americans.

Milo Ventimiglia's full moon on This Is Us

Milo Ventimiglia bare assed on This Is Us

Milo Ventimiglia and the terrible towel on This Is UsMilo Ventimiglia gets butt naked during a rare bit of broadcast TV nudity on This Is Us.

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See Jake Gyllenhaal naked in Love & Other Drugs

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