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So we get to keep watching Tom Holland glow into his Marvel Spidey tights after all

Tom Holland taking off his Spider-Man mask

Disney and Sony have resolved their custody battle over Peter Parker. Our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man will continue living with his cinematic dad (Disney) until his negligent, opioid-abusing celuloid mother (Sony) gets her shit together. And that means we’ll get to see the webbed wall-crawler in at least one more MCU movie before Sony is able to screw up the franchise for a third time.

All parties seems to be happy with this new arrangement. Tom and Zendaya seem elated. (We even got a “Fuck. Yes. ?” from The Rock.) I, for one, am looking forward to being able to watch Peter Parker continue to glow up as a full-fledged Avengers team.

And — if I’m being honest — one highlight of the next set of Spider-Man movies will be watching Tom Holland’s ever-increasing muscle mass fill out his red and blue Underoos. Now that Steve Rogers is retired, America is going to need a new ass. Check out some shots of Spidey’s peachy posterior after the jump…

Tom Holland's peachy ass on the set of Spider-Man Homecoming

Tom Holland's cute butt in his Spider-Man tights

Tom Holland side butt view in his Spider-Man costume

Spider-Man (Tom Holland) shaking hands with Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal). Such a cute little butt!


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15 days ago

Hoping he’s the next Avenger to accidentally leak nudes. Like for real tho.

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