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Josh O'Conanor & Emma Corrin as Prince Charles & Princess Diana on The Crown

It feels like everyone is talking about The Crown this weekend. The 4th season of the Netflix series is making headlines for its coverage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ sordid relationship. Emma Corrin plays the role of Princess Diana, while the handsome Josh O’Connor returns in his role as Prince Charles.


Hot shots — Who says a man can’t wear a dress?

Morgxn Thicke lifting up his kilt with a hard-on

Morgxn Thicke looks pretty good in a skirt. Would anyone dare tell him he’s unmanly to his face? Check out his prick-teasing BTS videos from his Michael Stokes photo shoot after the jump…

photo source: Michael Stokes


Four Big Cocks And An Ass! (Best Week For Nudity Ever?)

“There’s almost too much new dick this week to handle! See Harry Lawtey’s frontal debut on Industry (spoiler: He’s Harry alright!), Guillaume Labbé penis wave on The Hook Up Plan, Björn Mosten’s uncut penis on Love & Anarchy, Tom Gronau’s fully nude strip search in The German Lesson, and Antonio de la Torre’s cock in The Endless Trench!” — Mr. Man



Birthday Suit Battle: Leonardo DiCaprio vs. Ryan Gosling vs. Gerard Butler!

Ryan Gosling's nude locker room scene from Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Three of the hottest (not to mention nudist!) Hollywood heartthrobs are all celebrating birthdays this week. We’re checking out their steamiest NSFW moments to see who wins this Birthday Suit Battle! Check out the oversized packages from Leonardo DiCaprio, Ryan Gosling, and Gerard Butler below and head to the comments to let us know who you think is the hawtest. Candles, balloons, these guys… it’s a birthday — you have to blow something!


Matthew McConaughey’s Thick Penis and Adam DeVine’s Perineum!

“We’re having a birthday bonernanza this week! Some of our very favorite very nude stars (Matthew McConaughey, Sam Rockwell, Adam DeVine, AND Ethan Hawke!) are celebrating birthdays this week, and we’re peeing their hottest nudity! Plus, on the Quickie, we’re checking out all of the hottest nude stars to appear on the new Game of Thrones 4K Blu-ray, like Alfie Allen, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Kit Harington, Rob Callender, Pedro Pascal, and Richard Madden!” — Mr. Man



Hottest Celebrity Buttholes For Hole-o-ween 2020!

“The ass end of October can only mean one thing – it’s time for Hole-o-ween 2020! We’re peeping the celebrity assholes everyone’s talking about this Hole-o-ween, like Clément Naline in 7 Minutes, Viggo Mortensen in Eastern Promises, Ryan Reynolds in Buying the Cow, Paul Hamy and Xelo Cagiao in The Ornithologist, and Juan Manuel Martino in Taekwondo! This MMM is a hole lot of fun!” — Mr. Man



Which Naked Celeb Vampire Gives You Wood?

Alexander Skarsgård, Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer True Blood Rolling Stone cover

Halloween is right around the corner, and what would Halloween be without dick-or-treating? Mama’s hungry! Some of the hottest celebs to play some of the most iconic vampires on screen have sunk their teeth into some truly insane nude roles… and gotten helllllla gay.


Beefy beauty shots of muscular Bel Ami’s Gabriel Nash

Beefy naked hunk playing with his hard cock

“Cheese, milk and fish is the supposed recipe to be having a body just like this week’s model, Gabriel Nash. I’m not sure if it is a simple as it sounds, but maybe we should all give it a try.

Gabriel reminds us a little of a smiling Kris Evans… maybe as they are both from the same part of Hungary there could be some family link, but nothing that either guy knows about.

Gabriel has a very well built and defined body and likes showing it off. He also has a very well built cock that he has no problem sharing with us as well. As with many Hungarian guys I suspect it could be hard to get him to do more than solo work, but if enough of you like him, we can surely try.” — Watch the hardcore preview @ Bel Ami Online

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Big Softies — Kenny Braasch has a big cock

Kenny Braasch from The Bachelorette full frontal nude

While he literally has a big cock in this dick pic, I’m not necessarily talking about the bird. He isn’t standing at full attention, but clearly he’s showing tremendous potential!

Kenny Braasch is a contestant on the latest season of The Bachelorette (which I don’t watch), and people have discovered he has a long history of posing nude — which includes being the cover model for Desnudo magazine. You can find more of his artistic nudes over here!


Scared Stiff — Seth Santoro & Jack Hunter flip-fuck

Going balls deep into a hot boy butt

“The guys have moved into their cabin at Camp Camelot — or as punk rocker Billy (Jack Hunter ) calls it, Camp Cum-a-lot and are pre-partying, waiting for the girls to arrive. Ringleader Jake (Ryan Rose) answers a loud knock at the door. Ranger Steve (Colby Keller) has come to warn them that there is a killer on the loose! After Ranger Steve leaves Billy and his preppy friend Skip (Seth Santoro) head out to the truck in the dead of night to get some blankets. A rustling in the bushes startles them and they hop into the truck. Sometimes being scared is the best foreplay. Skip confesses his secret admiration for Billy and it turns out Billy has a secret of his own: he’s always admired Skip’s perfect ass! They steam up the cab of the truck with a passionate make-out session that leads to some hardcore cock sucking, ass eating, and fucking. As their shiny loads of of hot white cum light up the night sky, Skip discovers that Billy’s huge cock is just what he needed to make him feel like one of the guys.” — Watch the hardcore preview @ Falcon Studios

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Scarily Huge Celeb Cocks From Horror Movies!

“We’re rounding up the most impressive frontal scenes from horror movies, starting with Irish hunk Jack Reynor and his uncut junk in Midsommar! David Naughton showed off his au naturel retro package in An American Werewolf in London, while daddy Mark Duplass delivered a very… lengthy… frontal shot in Creep 2. Plus we’re checking out Malcolm McDowell’s purrrrrfect penis in Cat People and Willem Dafoe’s hung cock (and his porn body double’s truly massive rock hard penis) from Antichrist!” — Mr. Man



Scared Stiff — Seth Santoro has a juicy bubble butt

Hunk with a nice ass in tighty whities

Bubble-butted Seth Santoro let’s big-dicked Jack Hunter have a go at his luscious ass in a flip-fuck scene from NakedSword‘s Scared Stiff. Stream the full-length hardcore feature in Falcon’s DVD section.

photo source: Falcon Studios

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Scared Stiff — Jack Hunter has got a good dick

Horsehung dude in leather showing his big cock

Jack Hunter brings his good dick and some 80s flare to his scene from NakedSword‘s Scared Stiff where he hooks up with Seth Santoro. It’s scene you can stream in Falcon’s DVD section.

photo source: Falcon Studios

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Zac Efron’s Dick Slip And Antony Starr’s Masturbation Scene!

We Are Who We Are brings even more penis than we could have hoped for in the latest episode! The Amazon Original series The Boys showcases Antony Starr’s jiggly ass as he masturbated on a roof, birthday boy Zac Efron once accidentally showed us his Zac sac, the Russian zombie miniseries To the Lake delivers Kirill Käro’s daddy cock and balls, and we’re celebrating Hugh Jackman’s birthday with his jacked ass in X-Men: Days of Future Past!” — Mr. Man



Matt Bomer & Andrew Rannells show their penises in The Boys In the Band

Jim Parsons, Zachary Quinto & Matt Bomer (The Boys In the Band)

We can’t wrap our minds around the fact that both Matt Bomer and Andrew Rannells show their penises in the new Netflix movie The Boys in the Band. It’s based on a 2018 Broadway play of the same name, which was actually a revival of the 1968 off-Broadway original. But who needs Broadway when you have Netflix? The streaming platform teamed up with producer Ryan Murphy and director Joe Mantello as well as practically every hot gay actor working in Hollywood today.


A Huge Gay Orgy And Matt Bomer’s Hung Penis!

“The British series Gangs of London brings a massive gay orgy featuring Henry Felix’s jockstrapped ass. On the latest The Boys, Chitom Eze and Anthony Lake show us their toys. And this week the new German Netflix series Oktoberfest: Beer & Blood brings the buns from supremely stacked hunk Klaus Steinbacher! Plus we’re delivering a The Boys in the Band nudity recap which, yes, features gay celebrity Matt Bomer’s huge penis!” — Mr. Man



Who wants to see Matt Bomer’s penis? For real!

Matt Bomer's full frontal shower scene from The Boys In the Band

Let it be known that September 2020 was the month that gave us all you can eat celebrity man meat. Or rather two A-list cock shots anyway. And thus far this is the only good thing to come out of the Hell Year that is 2020. Not enough to redeem the other eleven months mind you, but it’s something at least.

First we had Captain America giving us the cock shot heard round the world. And now we have Superman (from one of DC’s animated features) showing us his full bush, balls and cock root.

It happens during a nude shower scene from the 2020 remake of The Boys In the Band where we see Matt Bomer in all his gay glory stepping out of a steamy shower while gabbing with his onscreen lover Jim Parsons. His perfectly sculpted ass is also a highlight in some erotic shots from behind frosted glass. And his abs are totally on point. Did he train for this? This is easily his hottest nude scene since the Ken Doll number from Magic Mike.

See video of Matt Bomer’s full frontal nude scene at Mr. Man!



Finn Wittrock stroking his prosthetic penis on Ratched

Finn Wittrock rocks our world because it seems like this guy wants to go nude. He basically shows his ass whenever he can and we’re right behind him watching that can of his. Between his many seasons on American Horror Story and his latest role on Ratched, he is ratcheting up his nude scene count.


Guard that pussy! — Chris Evans accidentally leaked a big dick pic?

Chris Evans' accidental Instagram penis photo

In case you haven’t already heard, “Chris Evans” is trending on Twitter, and this is what everyone is looking for.

We’ve “Mentally Undressed” the former Avengers star several times before, but he’s finally gone and showed us the real thing. Apparently, he accidentally leaked a cock shot selfie on Instagram. Whoops! I know this must be embarrassing, but he has nothing to be ashamed of. So far this is the only good thing to happen in 2020. And I gotta say his “Guard That Pussy” meme is one for the ages.

Was it just like you imagined? See the video after the jump…

UPDATE: Now with even more wang!


Jack Kesy’s Hot Ass & Robert De Niro’s Vintage Balls!

Dominic DeVore is the latest star to put the Penis in P-Valley, in The Outpost the super sexy Jack Kesy shows his ass around a bunch of hot army guys, Robert De Niro turns 77 this week so we’re remembering his hot penis and balls in 1900, the new series Teenage Bounty Hunters brings a bounty of Steven Legate’s booty, and the French movie An Easy Girl delivers Nuno Lopes’ hot hairy ass and back sac!” — Mr. Man



Hot shot — Tony Ganz getting hard on a Harley

Tony Ganz naked on a motorcycle (Colt Studio Group)

Who wants to wake the sleeping giant? Motorcycle daddy Tony Ganz napping on a Harley.

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Front to back — Is this Tom Holland or Austin Avery?

If you happened to scroll past this Tweet on your phone, I wouldn’t blame you for thinking you just got a glimpse of some leaked Tom Holland shower nudes. I know I did. And I wasn’t alone. But nah. It’s just the very peachy gay porn star Austin Avery — who really should play the lead in the very next Spider-Man porn parody. Get a closer look at this sleek twink and his cakey ass after the jump…

photo source: @AustinXAvery

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Big softie — Shirt-cocking Colt model Rick Koch

Model Rick Koch getting stiff while shirt-c-cking in a blue tank top (Colt Studio Group)

Handsome classic Colt model Rick Koch — with his hairy chest and five o’clock shadow — is shirt-cocking in a blue tank top with a big ‘n’ stiff one coming on. Find more of his vintage erotic nudes at Colt Studio Group.

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COLT model Sam Dekker is one sexy ass cowboy

Cowboy in a rawhide west and chaps with his cock out

Friday flashback: Giddy-up rawhie! It’s beefy COLT model Sam Dekker in a homoerotic fantasy cowboy. Which includes assless chaps of course!

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