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Blond On Blond — Tom bottoms for Torsten at Bel Ami

Sword fight! Boner buddies rubbing their hard cocks together

“No documentary today as we have the first part of a double day sex special instead. Our super duo today are Torsten Ullman and Tom Pollock. It is always a little odd when we schedule a scene with Tom, as he is our archivist (taking over from Josh Elliot) and is responsible for putting the scene on the website for you.

Instead of my description here, I asked Tom to comment on this scene himself and he had this to say: This scene was shot a few years ago now, but I remember that Torsten was 3 hours late turning up for the first part. He was supposed to bottom in part 1, but since he was late and had no time to get ready we had to swap the order and have me bottoming first. The scene is supposed to be a bit slower and more romantic, so I hope people will still like it.” — Watch the hardcore preview @ Bel Ami Online

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