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Daily Dude — Justin Matthews

Justin Matthews full frontal nude with an erection

Justin Matthews is versatile, with a tasty-looking cock. He has only gotten hotter since he made his porn debut in 2011, now sporting that coveted V-shaped torso. Cockyboys and are the studios who have worked with him the most. — Bio by AEBN

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Returning Soldier — Brandon & Quin

Brandon Cody & Quin Quire (Next Door Studios)

Returning home for the first time since his deployment, Brandon Cody is looking for a little rest & relaxation, but he tenses up when old buddy Quin Quire greets him at the door. Brandon tries to play off their past, but thoughts of Quin have Brandon’s soldier at full attention, and Quin can see that Brandon is there for the taking. He persists, putting his hand on the bulge in Brandon’s pants and pulling out Brandon’s cock. Brandon stops resisting and goes with it, and when Quin wraps his lips around Brandon’s dick, it’s even better than he remembered. From there Brandon takes control, stripping Quin out of his clothes and leading him to the bedroom. Quin gives Brandon the kind of full-service homecoming that he deserves, tonguing his ass as he sucks on Brandon’s balls, then sliding down to mount him. He rides Brandon as he strokes himself, then Brandon flips him over and fucks him from behind, pounding Quin’s ass with years worth of pent of passion unleashed. Quin can sense it too, and he’s rock hard as Brandon spreads his legs and fucks him missionary. He spits his load all over himself as Brandon is close to climaxing himself. He pulls out and shoots his load like a good soldier, covering the target with his gov’t approved jizz in a fitting, cum-filled reunion. — Next Door Studios

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Flicks & Chill — Brandon Cody

Bubble butted gay porn star Brandon Cody (Str8 to Gay)

Celebrate this #AssWednesday with Brandon Cody. He’s still got it! That one thing he was best known for back when he was still a Sean Cody Exclusive. Check out the rest of his nude pin-ups from Str8 to Gay’s Flicks & Chill.

photo source: Str8 to Gay


Brandon bones Daniel

Brandon 2 — Watch Full HD movie now in Flesh ‘n’ Boners VOD

In one of Sean Cody’s hottest onscreen pairings, Brandon (now MEN’s Brandon Cody) fucks Daniel’s brains hot. And the sex was so hot there was literally cum dripping down the walls! After deepthroating Brandon’s dick, Daniel bends over for a bareback butt-slamming.


Brandon Cody tops Roman Todd

Brandon Cody & Roman Todd (Drill My Hole)

Brandon Cody and Roman Todd enjoy a day at the beach. Then Brandon fucks the cum out of Roman in this Fire Island fuckfest.

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Brandon tops Cassian

Brandon & Cassian: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“Sexy bottom Cassian is back to get his ass owned by our top model! Brandon was left speechless as our newbie threw all sorts of compliments at him. Cassian was pretty much in heaven, considering even just kissing Brandon was a dream come true for him. “That was the best!” Cassian was practically weak in the knees after the first kiss… and after getting a hard pounding, he was spent, but that craving his hole had was very much satisfied!” — Sean Cody

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Brandon Cody tops Johnny Rapid

Johnny Rapid & Brandon Cody (Drill My Hole)

Sean Cody’s Brandon (now Brandon Cody) has found a new home at, and in his newly re-branded debut he’s paired with Men’s biggest little star Johnny Rapid. Both are gay-for-pay and fell ass backwards into porn — so, naturally, they hit it off. I like how Johnny starts out by talking about his girlfriend but still gets a boner while deepthroating Brandon’s cock.

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Brandon bones Titus

Brandon & Titus: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Titus was really nervous; putting on a huge smile, accompanied by the giggles… but really, he was just very enthused by the fact that Brandon would give him a good pounding. Brandon blushed bashfully, but when it came right down to it, he really gave it to Titus and inevitably broke him out of his shyness.” — Sean Cody

photo source: Sean Cody


Brandon’s back!

Brandon (Sean Cody)

Brandon (aka Jeff Cope) took some time off from breaking in virgin butts at the Sean Cody fuck house to focus on his day job as a personal trainer, but now he’s back with a new scene at Sean Cody. See his full-size pin-ups and hardcore teaser after the jump…

photo source: Sean Cody


Duncan & Brandon get romantic

Brandon & Duncan (Sean Cody)

Duncan is back to bottom for Brandon! They’ve filmed together before, but in a hot threesome, so a one-on-one scene was filled with high hopes for this sexy duo…and they definitely delivered! Watching these two hotties play around the pool and get wet in those briefs was such a treat. Naturally, the sex was an even tastier treat! Brandon really gave Duncan a good pounding…what else do you offer an old friend?” — Sean Cody

photo source: Sean Cody


Brandon is a prick tease

See who Brandon’s been doing lately…

photo source: Sean Cody


Shaw wants Brandon’s boner

Shaw wants to suck Brandon's cock. (Sean Cody)

“What’s a good recipe for a hot scene? Getting two of Sean Cody’s muscle jock fan favorites together for some fun times under the sheets! Brandon and Shaw hung out a couple of weeks ago to get to know each other a little bit, and got along really well. They have similar playful characters, so it wasn’t a surprise to see them crack jokes and horse around with each other. Shaw was especially excited though. ‘I’m just looking forward to some really good sex with a hot guy!’ He’s heard a lot about Brandon before they met so he was really eager to get a piece of that…and he wasn’t disappointed! The proof was in his incredibly huge loads he blew while Brandon fucked him! ‘It felt pretty amazing! It’s like 10 times more intense when someone’s in your ass! It is what it is, I get it!’ I think it’s safe to say that Shaw was completely satisfied.” — Shaw & Brandon: Bareback @ Sean Cody


Brandon popped a boner

Brandon's got a boner. (Sean Cody)

Looks like Brandon‘s up for some fun.

photo source: Sean Cody


Brandon’s 5th anniversary

Hot naked hunk Brandon (Sean Cody)

Brandon celebrates his fifth year at Sean Cody with some cake and a creampie when he bends over for Chase in a rare bottoming scene. Scroll through his nude pin-up gallery after the jump, then click over to Sean Cody to watch this bubble butted fan favorite get fucked.

photo source: Sean Cody


Brandon bones Ryan Rose

Brandon — Watch Full HD movie now in Flesh ‘n’ Boners VOD

Remember when Ryan Rose was a Sean Cody boy named Pierce? Here he is bottoming bareback in one of Brandon’s earliest porn scenes.


Hot shot — Bath time for Brandon

Nice ass!

“No one defines summer perfection like Brandon does. The instant I saw him standing there with his tight shirt stretched across his torso, I had this feeling that he was going to be fun! I love being right. He is quietly confident, with an understated, sarcastic sense of humor. He is probably a guy that can make anyone want to sleep with him just by looking at them.

‘What part of your body gets the most attention from people?’

‘My chest.’

‘You realize I am going to make you show it off right?’

‘Probably.’ He smiled.

‘Lose the shirt… you knew that was coming.’

‘I might mess up my hair,’ he laughed.

I wouldn’t care if he had walked in with bed head! Brandon’s body? Amazing! He is naturally smooth, with perfect skin, big muscles, and an awesome butt that does not quit!” — Sean Cody

photo source: Sean Cody


Tanner’s gonna tap Brandon’s ass

Brandon & Tanner (Sean  Cody)

With that ass is right in his face, it’s his for the taking, and Tanner can’t wait. Brandon finally decided to give it up, and he handpicked Tanner pop his cherry. Scroll through their hardcore photo gallery after the jump…

photo source: Sean Cody


4Play — Brandon & Brendan

Naked hunks Brendan & Brandon in the shower. (Sean Cody)

Sound alike names are the only thing Brandon and Brendan have in common. These two bubble butted hotties are a matched set. After getting familiar with each other in the shower, Brandon pounds Brendan’s big, round ass.

photo source: Sean Cody


Hot shots — Brandon’s bulge

Brandon from Sean Cody in the bathroom taking a selfie of his bulge.

Brandon of Sean Cody sharing his boner bulge.

photo source: Gay Porn


Butt buddies

Naked Sean Cody hunks Brandon & Duke in bed shaking their beautiful bubble butts

Sean Cody hunks Duke and Brandon goof off after getting off. They just finished fucking, and now they want to play. Yeah, shake those sexy bubble butts!

photo source: Sean Cody, via Butte Nut


Brandon’s bubble butt

A naked butt selfie of Brandon from Sean Cody in the bathroom.

It’s a sexy nude selfie from Brandon of Sean Cody. You know you want to nut inside that beautiful bubble butt.

photo source: Damn Hot Guys