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Big softies — Chad White


Friday flashback: Hot straight boy Mattox [aka Chad White]. Not even fully hard, and he’s enormous. More nude shots of this big dicked Chaos Men hunk after the jump…

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Luka Jay’s solo stroke

Luka Jay (Chaos Men)

Luka has a military vibe about him. He was in the service, doing fire-fighting work.

He is definitely a straight guy, and loves to dominate the ladies. He likes them petite, and if they are into it, he loves to get a little rough with them.

Put on some ‘rough’ videos for him to stroke to. They were actually too aggressive, so I think his idea of domination isn’t as mean as he states in his interview.

Luka has a hot body on him. He works out often, has a tight, enviable build. He does shave his pubes bald, so this was the best we could muster for pubic hair. He barely has body hair anyway, and the trimmed pubes look fine.

He tells me has never had any sexual contact with a guy, other than tag-teaming girls with his best friend. Luka seems comfortable with that, but not sure how willing he will be to go beyond receiving head.

For his cum shot, he resorts to using both hands, practically choking the load out of his cock! — Chaos Men

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Shiloh’s sloppy blowjob

Shiloh services Prentice (Chaos Men)

A closer look at Shiloh giving Prentice a sloppy blowjob. This cute white boy sucks a big, black bodybuilder’s cock until his face is covered in spit and cum.

photo source: Chaos Men


Claudio unleashing the beast

Handsome hunk Claudio stripping naked. (Chaos Men)

Handsome hunk Claudio (aka Romeo Alfonso) pulls down his tight, blue boxer briefs and sets his big floppy fuck stick free.

photo source: Chaos Men


Solomon Aspen keepin’ it clean

Gay porn hunk Solomon Aspen taking a shower. (Chaos Men)

Dirty porn hunk Solomon Aspen in the shower washing off a sticky day’s worth of work.

photo source: Chaos Men


Chad White’s stages of undress

Mattox (aka straight male porn star Chad White)

He’s currently one of the biggest hetero porn stars out there, but Chad White didn’t always walk the straight and narrow. He got his start doing gay-for-pay at Chaos Men under the porn name Mattox. See him stripped down to nothing, showing off his big, beautiful cock after the jump…

photo source: Chaos Men