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Cody Cummings’ first facial

Gay porn star Cody Cummings gets a facial!

What a predicament! So you’re a gay-for-pay porn star with an aversion to putting a dick in your butt or mouth, but you still need to up the ante. What to do? Why, you drop to your knees, put on a set of goggles, grab a couple of cocks, and stroke them until they squirt cum all over your face.

Hold on a minute. Goggles?! That’s actually funny. And also kinda hot. Cody is reluctant (mouth shut tight because he doesn’t want to taste it) but ultimately submits and allows two horny gay guys to “mark their territory” by cumming on his face. As straight conquest fantasies go, that’s pretty good. Though it could still be a lot better if some actual dick sucking and butt fucking were part of the deal.

Watch Cody Cummings get his first facial during this slightly weird jack off session with Lucas Knight and Colt Rivers.

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photo source: Cody Cummings