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Big Boner — Battle of the Cock

Big Brother 11's Braden Bacha doing full frontal nudity on Dante's Cove.

Big Brother 11's Braden Bacha doing full frontal nudity on Dante's Cove.

Forget Battle of the Block. (I’m sure most of us wish that we could.) It’s time for a Battle of the Cock.

Even though the U.S. version of the voyeuristic reality series Big Brother tends to be more puritanical than its international counterparts, it still has a fair share of male houseguests who can’t seem to keep it in their pants. As long as they’re putting it out there for everyone to see, we might as well let them go head to head in a Big Brother cock fight.

But first…

Scroll through these Big Brother cock shots after the jump. (Click on the dick pic if you want a better look at what the wang is attached to.) And then vote for your favorite in our pole poll at the bottom of the page. Which of these cocky contestants deserves to win The Golden Power of Meat-o?


David Girton’s TIM solo jack off

David Girton of Big Brother 15 in bed naked and stroking his hard cock.

I called it!

From the minute I saw him in the Big Brother house with his droopy board shorts slung below his pubes and the top of his ass showing, I knew he’d end up doing gay porn one day. Following in the footsteps of fellow BB houseguest Steven Daigle (Cum Whore), and after sharing numerous dick pics and cum shots on social media, Big Brother 15‘s David Girton finally goes pro for Treasure Island Media in the solo jack off video Boner.

What? You were hoping the next Big Brother porn star would be Shane? Caleb? Or Cody?

See more grabs from his hardcore solo after the jump…

photo source: Max Sohl Blog


David Girton full frontal selfie

In addition to playing with his boner, David Girton (of Big Brother 15 infamy) continues to over-share by sending out full frontal selfies on his NSFW Vine.

UPDATE: Oops! Looks like somebody pulled the plug on David’s insane naked vine account.

photo source: David Girton


Big Brother boner bounce

Since absolutely nothing of interest is happening in the Big Brother 16 house this week, let’s catch up with one of last season’s houseguests. Oh, look! It’s David Girton from Big Brother 15 playing with his boner on the internet. Eat you heart out, Aaryn Gries! My God, what has he done with his hair? Now he looks even more like Lion-O.

photo source: David Girton