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Leo Stuke’s sweet Valentine candy

Naked blond hunk with a heart-shaped lollipop on his cock

Square-jawed blond hunk Leo Stuke is offering a tasty Valentine treat, but the candy ain’t the only thing that’s sweet. Scroll through his nude pin-ups after the jump…

photo source: @elxleox


Peachy keen — Shirt-cocking daddy in a clingy wet tank top

Bearded muscular hunk with a nice bubble butt in a clingy wet tank top

Now I’m dying to know what he looks like from the other side. 💦

photo source: @chechoeme


Big Softie — Full frontal Philippe Soulier

Fitness model Filou (aka Philippe Soulier) full frontal nude

Here’s a full frontal shot of fitness model Filou — who also models under the name Philippe Soulier. You can find more explicit shots of this bearded, beefy hunk on his OnlyFans account. Or check out his professional explicit nude photo shoots at MaleModel NL.

photo source: WIP Topping


Peachy keen — Rafael Trafig

Rear nude of model Rafael Trafig

A peachy rear nude of model Rafael Trafig and his sexy tan lines.

photo source: @Goenzils02


Muscular Manuel bulging in white tights

Manuel with a visible penis line (VPL)

Handsome model Manuel showing some butt and bulge in these sexy mirror shots wearing revealing tights. Check out his full-size pin-ups after the jump… Find his explicit nudes at MaleModel NL.

photo source: MaleModel NL


Hot Hispanic Roderigo modeling in Holland

Cute young model Roderigo in black briefs (MaleModel NL)

Here’s an early Valentine feature a cute Hispanic model naked Roderigo in bulging, briefs. And look! He has a heart on. Check out his sexy pin-ups after the jump…

photo source: MaleModel NL


Peachy keen — Breakfast in bed

Sexy dude with a peachy ass sleeping naked in bed

This looks like the breakfast of champions. 🍑

photo source: @MichaelSawer


Mystery meat — Nearly naked lunch

Crotch shot of a sexy hunk on the floor with visible penis bulge in sheer underwear

This sultry hunk looks like a snack. Is anyone else feeling hungry? I’m craving franks & beans. 😋

photo source: Naked Boys Sex


Peachy keen — Golden globes

A sexy hunks perfect round bubble butt (by Rick Day)

A perfect peach with just a touch of fuzz. Rick Day sure can pick ’em, can’t he? 🍑

photo source: Rick Day


An American In Prague — Blake Mitchell at Bel Ami

Horsehung gay porn star Blake Mitchell full frontal nude

“Our photosession today brings our latest chapter of An American in Prague to a close as Blake Mitchell gets ready for his flight home to LA.

As this was literally taken on the morning he flew out, we didn’t have time to film the customary JO at the end of the session, so we asked Blake to film one for us in LA and send it over (What we didn’t know was that Blake has chosen to change his hair color in the meantime).

The pictures today are taken for us by Eliot in our new Prague studio.” — Watch the hardcore preview @ Bel Ami Online

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Peachy keen — Leo Stuke

Butt naked model Leo Stuke

A nice rear view of lanky German model Leo Stuke.

photo source: @TopSecretCA


What kind of packages are under your tree?

Raymon Fist in bulging red briefs in a Christmas shoot by Tarek Del Moreno

It’s models Alfred Herrera, Ele SanMi, Edu, Kevin Fieira Santana, Raymon Fist and Gabriell Boss in a sexy nude & semi-nude Christmas shoot by photographer Tarek Del Moreno.

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Peachy keen — Steven Dehler

Bubble-butted Steven Dehler in nothing but a pink Santa hat & a thong

‘Tis the season for naked guys in Santa hats. Here’s bubble-butted blond Steven Dehler in an N2N Bodywear thong.

photo source: Steven Dehler


Peachy keen — Taylor Miller

Taylor Miller showing his sweet ass in a Christmas photo shoot by Carlos Salazar

Model Taylor Miller in a sexy Christmas photo shoot by Carlos Salazar. His candy ain’t the only thing that’s sweet. 🎄🍭

photo source: PnV MaleModelNetwork


Brandon Harper back for another nude photo shoot

Butt naked hunk Brandon Harper at Bel Ami Online

“Since so many of you said that you would like to see Brandon Harper again when we gave you his casting earlier this year we decided to bring him back for a photosession. Our very sexy Hungarian is again in a very cheery mood, full of smiles, laughs and charm.

Brandon is still at university, but we guess he also spends quite a bit of time in the gym working on his body. Today he is a bit hairier than he was in his casting, but we hope that you will agree that it just helps make him even sexier.” — Watch the hardcore preview @ Bel Ami Online

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Scot Miller’s sexy Santa Christmas shoot

Shirtless Santa with visible penis line (VPL) in red tights

MaleModel NL newcomer Scot Miller is a sexy Santa who wants you to lick his peppermint stick. See him bulging in tights and getting cheeky in a candy colored thong after the jump…

photo source: MaleModel NL


Peachy keen — Garic Soldatov

Gorgeous nude of model Garic Soldatov & his hot bubble butt

Model / stylist / photographer Garic Soldatov has got a sexy back. 🍑

photo source: Garic Soldatov


Big softie — A fistful of flesh

A hung stud tugging on his meat

A hung and horny stud giving himself the ol’ rub ‘n’ tug.

photo source: FAGGY DUDES


Peachy keen — Just the way you want him!

A naked hunk with a beautiful butt sleeping on a bean bag

Wanna wake up this gorgeous hunk and have some fun? 🍑

photo source: @AlasterLuis


Hunky Ionut runs hot and cold

Hunky Ionut in shorts and gloves (MaleModel NL)

It’s like they say: Cold hands, warm hard-on. This muscular model named Ionut is too hot for a shirt, but his fingers are feeling frosty as he pitches a tent in his Adidas shorts in these prick-teasing boner shots from MaleModel NL. See more beefcake pin-ups of this handsome Italian(?) hunk after the jump…

photo source: MaleModel NL


Wanna see Raymon Fist’s whole cock?

Prick-teasing shot of Raymon Fist hiding his cock

As an Insta-hunk with an OnlyFans account, fitness & fashion model Raymon Fist has never been one to just give it away. However, he is partial to posting bouncing bulge, VPL, the friendly towel tease or the cock shot hidden behind eggplant emoji. But this week he went a whole different way by giving us the full Monty — a closeup of his big, veiny boner dripping pre-cum from a nude glamour shoot by arty porn & frequent Bel Ami guest photographer Joan Crisol. See Raymon’s thick, throbbing erection after the jump…

photo source: Raymon Fist


Ingo in next to nothing in his sexy ‘n’ arty studio shoot

Ingo showing his cute naked butt as he pulls down his underwear

Chiseled model Ingo is back for another arty, sexy studio shoot at MaleModel NL. He starts out in nothing but socks and skimpy underwear, then strips down to nothing. Check out his erotic nude pin-ups after the jump…

photo source: MaleModel NL


Dante Colle in NakedSword’s Scared Stiff 2: The Amityville Whore

Gay porn star Dante Colle in Scared Stiff 2 - The Amityville Whore (NakedSword)

A haunted house scares the pants off of Dante Colle in Scared Stiff 2: The Amityville Whore — a sequel to NakedSword’s horror porn parody. See the handsome, tattooed hunk’s nude glamour shots after the jump… Or hop over to NakedSword to watch him in a bareback threesome.

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Peachy keen — Parker Gregory’s big round ass

Nude model Parker Gregory's big round bubble butt by Mariano Vivanco

Male model Parker Gregory gets caught buck-ass nude in this outtake from an Out Magazine photo shoot. Man, that is one big, beautiful bubble butt! 🍑

photo source: Mariano Vivanco