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Over the river, through the wood

A naked hunky chef with a boner serving Thanksgiving dinner

Happy Thanksgiving! Hoping everyone can find at least one thing to be grateful for in this horrible year 2020…


Hot shots — Happy Easter 2020!

Erotic art. A hunky Easter bunny has a boner

Here cums Peter Cottontail! He’s not made of chocolate but I’m sure this hunky Easter Bunny would be just as sweet.

photo source: Michael Supreme

(more…)’s Tom of Finland project

A horsehung blond fisherman, naked except for waders. (Erotic art by Tom of Finland)

“If there’s one man who changed the course of queer men’s fantasies forever, it’s erotic illustrator Tom of Finland. His influence over the aesthetics of gay sex continues to this day and is sure to last long into the future. For the first time, is partnering with Tom of Finland, with the help of some of today’s best artists and directors, to bring Tom’s most iconic sexual visions to life.” —

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“Archie & Jughead At the Chock’Lit Shoppe”

Homoerotic fan art of Archie & Jughead getting hard-ons at Pop's Diner

When Betty and Veronica are away, Archie and Jughead are gonna play.

It’s no secret that we ❤ Riverdale because sometimes it’s very very gay. But I just stumbled across some fan art that’s not just gay but extremely gay. This hand-drawn slashfic was created by legendary erotic illustrator Kent Neffendorf, whose work has appeared in publications like Blueboy, Playboy, Playgirl and The Advocate. It shows Archie and Jughead at their favorite Riverdale hangout, Pop’s Diner. As you can see Jughead is craving a hotdog and Archie is thirsty for a milkshake. Sometimes ya gotta help a buddy out…

In other news, KJ Apa (aka Archie Andrews incarnate) went on Ellen recently and literally showed his ass on national TV. Check it out!

photo source: @kentartwork


Erotic art — Pumpkin Head

Pumpkin Head: The Legend of Creepy Swallows

Some cheeky homoerotic art that really puts the “bod” in Ichabod. Pumpkin Head: The Legend of Creepy Swallows. I guess the Horseman is headless because he likes to give it. ?

photo credit: Michael Breyette; via Twitter


Hot shot — From the bottom up

Staring straight up into the crotches of some sexy naked hunks.


Hot shot — Dirk Shafer t-shirt VPL

Playgirl centerfold Dirk Shafer

Hung Playgirl centerfold Dirk Shafer showing his big daddy dick through his clingy wet t-shirt.


Hot shot — Phallus

A well hung stud gripping his big, veiny cock.

Gripping his dick with both hands.

photo source: In All Their Glory