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Peachy keen — Jamie Blyton’s bare butt in a jockstrap

Jamie Blyton (aka Bel Ami boy Florian Nemec) showing his bare naked jock butt.

Jamie Blyton (aka Bel Ami boy Florian Nemec) baring his butt in a sexy jockstrap at the beach.

photo source: When the Wind Blows


How Scott Riley got the job

Tasting his cum

Scott Riley did such an impressive job at his porn audition, he made the producer cum not once, but twice. And all over his handsome face!

photo source: Gay Castings


Jim Kerouac bones Mick Lovell

Jim Kerouac fucks Mick Lovell (Bel Ami Online)

Two beautiful Bel Ami boys going at it. Mick Lovell‘s sweet American ass gets drilled by Jim Kerouac‘s thick, uncut European cock.

photo source: Bel Ami Online


Did I do good?

Casey Everett taking a facial cum shot.

Casey Everett just aced his porn audition. Congratulations, Casey! You’re hired! This boy really knows how to deep throat a cock. Scroll through Casey’s sloppy blowjob gallery after the jump…

photo source: Gay Castings