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The 2nd Annual Manatomy Awards

“Welcome to Mr. Man’s 2nd Annual Manatomy Awards, where we honor the finest in male celeb nudity from film and television. We’ve reviewed all the best nude scenes, and crowned winners in over 40 categories including Best Picture, Best Full Frontal, Best Butt, and Best Gay Scene! Plus, one Hollywood hunk is taking home the coveted Lifetime Achievement Award for a career of nude excellence.” — Mr. Man


Jack Matthews full frontal nude

Don’t you hate how the best, most explicit male nude scenes usually end up in violent and disturbing independent films? (I’m looking at you Head On and O Fantasma!) Such is the case with Jack Matthews‘ graphic full frontal nude scene from the Australian drama Drown. Matthews plays a gay surfer who gets bullied by a creepy and obsessive closet case. This scene would have been so much more fun without the violence. That dick though!

video source: Mr. Man