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Sexiest Movie Beach Nudity Ever!

Beat the heat, and your meat, to the sexiest movie beach nudity ever!


Hottest Nude Daddies in Cinema

Shirtless Joe Manganiello coming out of the ocean

With Father’s Day right around the corner we thought it was time to pay some homage to some of our favorite exposed Daddies.  Below is a list of the hottest nude scenes from cinema of our favorite actors over 40 years old. In fact the list is so long we had to make TWO lists. Stay tuned for more Daddy beefcake.


Javier Bardem full frontal nude

Here’s some more Academy Award-winning cock. Javier Bardem played a possibly bisexual Bond villain in Skyfall, but here he is strolling out of the ocean completely nude, like a Bond girl. From the 1994 Spanish crime thriller The Detective and Death.

video source: Mr. Man