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“Roommate Agreement”

“Let me introduce you to my new roommate Jeremy. He is a straight construction worker who just got laid off. I decided to help him get through this difficult period. But what’s in it for me? We agreed that anytime he is in the house, no matter in which room he is, no matter what he is doing… he is all mine.” — Maskurbate

video source: Maskurbate


“Jeremy Fucks”

“I find it exciting to watch straight guys fuck the Fleshlight for the first time. With that in mind, I invited Jeremy to my place. My only concern was the thickness of his cock. Will it fit in the toy? Will Jeremy like the experience?” — Maskurbate

video source: Maskurbate


“Jeremy Unmasked”

“Jeremy finally takes off his mask! It’s been a while since I last saw Jeremy but he’s still thegorgeous hunk I remembered. When he approached me to do a comeback video, I convincedhim to be unmasked because he’s got such a beautiful face. I think people like him so muchbecause of his very natural build. This guy doesn’t take any chemicals to grow his muscles. It’sall hard construction work and good nutrition. I think his 2 main attributes are his beautifulmanly face and his large uncut dick. There’s something about that dick and the way he playswith his foreskin… It’s so exciting! This scene marks the return of Jeremy, now more open thanever to do more explicit scenes. So stay tuned for more!” — Maskurbate

video source: Maskurbate


Jeremy’s got a perfect penis

Jeremy (Sean Cody)

“Jeremy is a baseball jock and an all-around nice guy with one of the nicest butts we’ve seen in a while… and he didn’t hesitate showing it off along with his pitching skills.

I had to ask, ‘Are you a pitcher or a catcher?’

Jeremy laughed bashfully, ‘I’m a pitcher.’

‘But you caught a few balls here or there.’

‘I can’t say I haven’t.’

I’m not too sure we were talking about baseball anymore… Back in the studio, he blew a nice load and went off to shower showing off that huge bubble butt of his again.

‘Seriously though, I want to know, and everyone will probably be wanting to know… how do we get a butt like yours?’

He smirked, ‘Umm, squats. Lots of squats.’

‘Do guys compliment that booty?’

‘Of course they do! I mean, who wouldn’t? Look at it! Straight or gay guys… I think the ass is appreciated by everybody.’ He does have a point there.” — Sean Cody

photo source: Sean Cody