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Impulse — Lawson Kane hard as steel

Lawson Kane in Impulse full frontal gripping his balls

“Smooth Lawson Kane and hairy Philippe Ferro take turns spotting each other as they do dumbbell flys. But shaved-headed Lawson has other ideas, rubbing his partner’s chest and kissing him before feeding him his giant boner from above. Lawson reaches over to stroke Philippe’s uncut cock, then sucks his standing bud as his own throbber grazes Philippe’s leg — a great low shot looking up at the action. Philippe fucks Lawson’s face, then sucks him again before the two come (coating Philippe’s furry chest). Lawson tongues Philippe’s hole, soon sliding his dick inside as his toned body clenches. The bottom then sits down on Lawson, a big load soon flowing out of his pulsing cock as the top hits the spot. Philippe gets on his back for more, squirting out a third wad before Lawson impressively shoots up on his own chest and stomach.” — Titan Men

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