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Peachy keen — Come right in!

Logan Swiecki-Taylor showing off his perfect bubble butt!

This man gives me palpitations. It’s fashion model Logan Swiecki-Taylor. You can see more of him at Rufskin and the erotic photography site Temptation of Eve. Click him to see the full-size pin-up.

photo source: Boner Makers


Peachy keen — Logan Swiecki-Taylor

Model Logan Swiecki-Taylor's bare ass nude on a road trip.

I feel like this picture is part of a larger story. It looks like woke Rufskin model Logan Swiecki-Taylorwho has a tempting tush — is in need of some roadside assistance. Then he can get back in the van and resume solving mysteries with his dog.


Hot shot — Logan Swiecki-Taylor

Sexy black and white shot of model Logan Swiecki-Taylor in a tiny speedo.

photo source: UndieDude


Logan’s butt ‘n’ bulge

Cute bubble butt

Drop-dead gorgeous model Logan Swiecki-Taylor shows us how a Rufskin jock should be worn.

photo source: Rufskin


Hot shot — Toweling off

Semi-nude Logan  Swiecki-Taylor (Rufskin Summer Burbujas De Deseo)

Model Logan Swiecki-Taylor is nearly naked. You may have seen him before without the towel at Temptation of Eve.

photo source: Rufskin


Peachy keen — Flesh ‘n’ stone

Memories of the Garden (Temptation of Eve)

Model Logan Swiecki-Taylor (Rufskin) is so beautiful it hurts to look at him, because his stunning good looks are as desirable as they are enviable. See more arty ass shots of this drop-dead gorgeous bubble-butted hunk after the jump…

photo source: Temptation of Eve