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An Homage to Russell Tovey

Shirtless Russell Tovey in a gay love scene with Arinzé Kene from The Pass

Russell Tovey is one of the sexiest actors in Hollywood, and the fact that he’s openly gay is just icing on the cake. Cake, cake, cake, cake! Russell has so many insanely hot nude and gay scenes, and we’re rounding them up right here so you don’t have to. HOT TIP: For the full NSFW Russell Tovey scenes, head HERE.


Jonathan Groff’s blowjob “O” face

So this is what Jonathan Groff looks like when he’s enjoying a blowjob and cumming in another man’s mouth. I like how this graphic oral sex scene from HBO’s Looking is more explicit than most. Not just the standard head bobbing over a guy’s lap. No, you can actually see that the cocksucker (Raúl Castillo) has his lips wrapped around something. But it’s just out of frame. Such a tease! And then Jonathan brings it home by running through a series of totally convincing “O” faces to let us know that he’s ready to cum.

video source: Mr. Man