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Peachy keen — Kenny Braasch grabbing his own naked ass

Kenny Braasch grabbing his bare naked ass with both hands

I don’t watch The Bachelorette and don’t plan to start. So I can only hope the show reveals that Kenny Braasch’s personality is as beautiful as his body. You can read more about is naughty boy past here and here

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Big Softies — Kenny Braasch has a big cock

Kenny Braasch from The Bachelorette full frontal nude

While he literally has a big cock in this dick pic, I’m not necessarily talking about the bird. He isn’t standing at full attention, but clearly he’s showing tremendous potential!

Kenny Braasch is a contestant on the latest season of The Bachelorette (which I don’t watch), and people have discovered he has a long history of posing nude — which includes being the cover model for Desnudo magazine. You can find more of his artistic nudes over here!


Peachy keen — Laundry day at Michael Yerger’s house

Naked Michael Yerger has a perfect ass

Here’s another round of Survivor hunk nudes to go with the last batch! It’s laundry day at Michael Yerger‘s and he’s completely out of clothes. He hasn’t a stitch to wear. This bubble-butted dirty boy even needs to wash his undies. Naturally, you can find more like this on his OnlyFans.

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Survivor hunk Michael Yerger gets naked on his new OnlyFans

Michael Yerger in a t-shirt & underwear showing outline of his penis

So Michael Yerger — from Survivor: Ghost Island — has an OnlyFans. Like a real OnlyFans, not that fake Bella Thorne shit. And why not? I mean, why should Jenna and Ozzie have all the fun? He promises to make it worth the wait. Based on what’s been floating around social media, he has. He seems to have trouble keeping his clothes on. Even when he’s wearing underwear that doesn’t leave a whole lot to the imagination…

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Peachy keen — Nude Survivor hunk Michael Yerger

Rear nude of Michael Yerger showing his perfect ass

Some revealing shots of Survivor castaway Michael Yerger from an upcoming coffee table book by photographer Bartek Szmigulski. This erotic tease offers some tasteful nudes of Michael toweling off — and one amazing ass shot!

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Will & Jimmy suck ‘n’ fuck

Will Wikle & Jimmy Durano (CockyBoys)

Will Wikle‘s bubble butt gets fingered and fucked when he hooks up with Jimmy Durano in an outdoor shower on Fire Island.

photo source: CockyBoys


The 3rd Annual Manatomy Awards

“Welcome to the third Annual Mr. Man Manatomy Awards, where we celebrate the year’s hottest male celebrity nudity across all of film and television. Our 43 categories cover Best Butt, Best Gay Scene, Best Full Frontal, and, of course, our Lifetime Achievement Award featuring a Hollywood hottie with nine nude appearances so far! We’ve worked *long* and *hard* to *uncover* all of the best nude scenes in film and television, and some of this year’s highlights include Zac Efron’s penis, Disney star Garrett Clayton’s bubble butt, and unbelievable unsimulated gay sex from the foreign movie Théo & Hugo.” — Mr. Man


Oral Fixation — Will blows Jimmy

Jimmy Durano & Will Wikle (CockyBoys)

After their day at the beach, Jimmy Durano and Will Wikle take it to the next level with a little oral foreplay.

photo source: CockyBoys


4Play — Will & Jimmy at the beach

Gay porn stars Will Wikle & Jimmy Durano (CockyBoys)

Reality TV star turned porn star Will Wikle is flirting and fucking with Jimmy Durano on Fire Island in his second hardcore feature at CockyBoys.

photo source: CockyBoys


Colby Keller bones Will Wikle

Will Wikle & Colby Keller (CockyBoys)

Colby Keller plows Will Wikle‘s hot blond bubble butt during a therapy session in The Stillest Hour: Part Two. Scroll through their hardcore sex gallery to see the former Big Brother contestant get fucked after the jump…

photo source: CockyBoys


Oral fixation — Will blows Colby

Will Wikle sucks off Colby Keller (CockyBoys)

Will Wikle clearly enjoying the taste of Colby Keller‘s cock in The Stillest Hour: Part Two. Scroll through this blowjob gallery to see the former Big Brother contestant sucking dick after the jump…

photo source: CockyBoys


Watch Will Wikle suck some dick

Will Wikle giving Colby Keller a blowjob in The Stillest Hour. (CockyBoys)

They finally did it! After nearly a year, CockyBoys has finally released the first installment of its Will Wikle porn video. And just in time for Christmas!

Not gonna lie. The wait was far too long, and if the former Big Brother contestant was the main selling point this first episode is a letdown because his porny content only appears in one brief fantasy scene towards the end where he basically reenacts an earlier scene between Levi Karter and Colby Keller. Plus knowing that Colby Keller is a hipster toolbag who voted for Donald Trump for shits and giggles is a serious boner killer. But for closure’s sake, here it is — a first look at Will Wikle giving a blowjob and getting fucked. See more after the jump…

And look for the second installment of The Stillest Hour on Christmas Eve.

photo source: CockyBoys


Bear Grylls bare butt ‘n’ balls

Bear Grylls has never been shy about getting his kit off. (Is that how you say it in British?) If you’ve only seen him on BBC America, you missed the naughty bits because they’re always blurred. But that’s not the case in this uncensored clip. When Bear strips naked so he can splash around in a mud puddle his big, round manly ass is in full view. We even get a glimpse of his cock and balls.

video source: Mr. Man


Oral fixation — Tommy & Brandon

Tommy Hansen gives Brandon Manilow a blowjob in a hot tub. (Greek Holiday; Bel Ami Online)

These snap shots from the porn neo-classic Greek Holiday tell the story of how bisexual porn star Tommy Hansen (aka Filip Trojovský from the Czech edition of Big Brother) ditched his boyfriend Tim Hamilton at the beach so he could hook up with Bel Ami boy-toy Brandon Manilow. Back at the house Tommy and Brandon take turns swapping blowjobs in the hot tub.

photo source: Bel Ami Online


Big softies — Jonny Cockfill

Full fontal nude of horsehung male porn star Jonny Cockfill (aka BBUK's Johnny Anglais).

Big Brother men becoming male porn stars is like a regular thing now, isn’t it? Here’s BBUK contestant Johnny Anglais (aka porn star/male stripper Jonny Cockfill) exposing every inch.

photo source: Shaved Men


Will Wikle’s dick slip

Will Wikle & Rick Roman go-go dancing at Southern Decadence 2016

Whoops! Looks like Will Wikle popped a boner and had a dick slip while go-go dancing with Ricky Roman and Tegan Zayne at this year’s Southern Decadence. I guess he really is doubling down on the whole gay porn thing. See more pics of the Big Brother star turned porn star shaking his ass for cash after the jump…

photo source: Queer Me Now


Survivor hunk Ken McNickle

Shirtless Survivor hunk Ken  McNickle

It’s like Jon Hamm and Gilles Marini had a baby, and they named him Ken McNickle. Ken, of the Gen X Tribe, is easily the hottest cast member of Survivor 33. No competition. He spent most of the first episode running around in boxer briefs, and the CBS censors didn’t even bother to blur his floppy man bulge.

photo source: Maximum Talent Agency


About that Will Wikle porn…

Will Wikle from Big Brother 5 totally nude. (CockyBoys)

As another long-ass boring season of Big Brother finally draws to a close, here’s some Big Brother porn — because I always see a spike in BB searches when something big happens on the show. Seriously, who thought it would be a good idea to drag these seasons out for 100 days? Nobody needs 100 days of Your Boy, Deadbeat James and Undercover Blowie Nicole.

FWIW, these nude glamour shots of BB5’s Will Wikle (with Colby Keller & Levi Karter) are from the alleged hardcore porn debut of the reality TV star. CockyBoys got a lot of free publicity by announcing an upcoming release, originally set for spring, but so far they’ve only posted the trailer. I don’t know why they flaked, but I’m not surprised.

UPDATE: It’s still on I guess…

photo source: CockyBoys


Penner exposes his penis

Remember when three-time Survivor contestant Jonathan Penner got totally naked and did aerobics? No? Well, me neither, but look what I just found. It’s a full frontal nude scene from the 1998 sex comedy Anarchy TV.


Hot shot — Reichen Lehmkuhl

Breathtaking rear nude of Reichen Lehmkuhl

Reichen Lehmkuhl showing off his amazing ass.


Will Wikle keepin’ it clean

Will Wikle full frontal nude.

It’s the middle of summer and my “Battle of the Cock” penis poll is back in the Top 10, so that could only mean one thing. A new season of Big Brother has started, and some of you horny little monkeys are thirsty for some houseguest dick pics. Well, here you go!

Will Wikle’s hardcore porn debut was announced months ago with a scheduled release date slated for last spring. But spring has sprung with no release in sight. Does that mean his gay porn career has been aborted? Who knows? These full frontal shots of Will Wikle jacking off in the shower might be as hardcore as he gets.

Find more shots of the Big Brother 5 contestant stroking his slippery wiener after the jump…

photo source: CockyBoys


Tyler Gattuso in bulging briefs

Tyler Gattuso (All American Guys)

Tyler Gattuso is a fitness model turned reality TV star. He came this to being cast on Big Brother 17. He currently appears on Fox’s Coupled.

photo source: All American Guys


Steven & Junior get spit-roasted

Manifest — Watch Full HD movie now in Flesh ‘n’ Boners VOD

Junior Stellano and Steven Daigle (from the CBS reality series Big Brother) get spit-roasted during this raunchy threeway with ruggedly handsome hunk Tom Wolfe.


Will Wikle does gay porn

Sexy shirtless hunks

Former reality TV star Will Wikle of Big Brother 5 will make his gay porn debut later this spring in the CockyBoys feature film The Stillest Hour.

This news could hardly be a surprise for anyone who’s seen his modeling work. The strapping 6’0″ 200lb hunk will be reunited with his nude photo shoot partner Colby Keller. Only this time, instead of remaining strictly softcore, we’re likely to get a shot of Wikle with Keller’s semen dripping off his face.

Following in the footsteps of fellow Big Brother contestants James Zinkand, Steven Daigle, Michelle Noonan and David Girton, Wikle will be the fourth BB houseguest to make the leap into professionally produced hardcore porn.

See some semi-nude pin-ups and the non-explicit trailer — which also features CockyBoys Exclusive Levi Karter — after the jump…

photo source: CockyBoys; via JRL