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Elvis the Christmas twink

Elvis the Christmas Twink (MaleModel)

Here’s some more Elvis, the hot little muscle twink, hiding his enormous stocking stuffer. Check some of his other holiday pin-ups after the jump, and see this sexy elf in all his glory at

photo source: MaleModel NL


Hark! The herald angels sing

Did it hurt? When he fell to earth? His named is Elvis. In these shots he’s acting like a shy prick-tease, but at you can see Elvis in all his naked glory.

photo source: MaleModel


Lazy Sunday with Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston semi-nude in High Rise.

Yeah, just kick back, relax and do some light reading with Loki. Everybody’s welcome apparently. (Even Taylor?) I wonder what he’s using for a bookmark?


Marc Ruffalo is a prick tease

Gay porn star Marc Ruffalo (Bel Ami Online)

Seeing Marc Ruffalo semi-nude is still enough to get me completely hard.

photo source: Rick Day @ Bel Ami Online


Happy birthday, Michiel Huisman!

Michiel Huismen in nothing but a towel

Because any excuse is a good excuse to post a picture of semi-nude (former?) Game of Thrones star Michiel Huisman.

photo credit: Mario Testino; via Attitude Magazine


Beefcake — Let’s play ball!

Sexy semi-nude baseball player.

photo source: jockboynextdoor


Hot shot — Lukasz Bialach

A sexy semi-nude of model Lukasz Bialach.

photo credit: Krzysztof Wyzynski via my alter-ego needs an alter-ego


Hot shot — One man in a tub

A sexy hunk with six-pack abs taking a bubble bath!

Wish I could rub his dub-dub…

photo source: Live With Passion


Hot shot — Stevan Reyes

Tasteful erotic nude of model Stevan Reyes!


Derek P. taking a skinny dip

Model Derek P skinny dipping in a pool. (All American Guys)

A hot stud, Derek P., cooling off in the swimming pool.

photo source: All American Guys


Hot shot — He’s a catcher

Sexy semi-nude baseball player.

This hunk makes baseball a lot less boring by discarding most of his uniform.

photo credit: Michael Stokes; via The Best of Men


Tanner Chidester is a tease

Sexy semi-nude hunk

In this prick-teasing pin-up fitness model Tanner Chidester carries on a proud tradition that was started by Burt Reynolds.

photo source: All American Guys


Burt Reynolds outtake

Burt Reynolds Cosmo centerfold

Back in 1972 Burt Reynolds met Helen Gurley Brown, the late editor of Cosmopolitan, on the set of a late night talk show. She talked him into posing nude for her magazine, and since the ’70s were a wild and crazy time for Burt, he agreed as sort of a joke. The result was an iconic, trailblazing and oft imitated photo. But there’s one shot from this legendary shoot that you weren’t supposed to see. Take a look after the jump…


What the fuck is going on here?

Indecent exposure

‘Da fuck?! I love the randomness of this shot. Brodie (from Sean Cody) is about to engage in a little public lewdness. And then an airplane happens to fly by.

photo source: Sean Cody


Hot shot — Lucas Garcez

Male model Lucas Garcez nearly nude, covered by a towel.

I like this boy. He’s got spunk.

photo credit: Joseph Lally; via Beautiful men


Golden Joe Manganiello

Joe Manganiello (Magic Mike)

Joe Manganiello (Magic Mike)

Joe Manganiello (Magic Mike)

Fuck the Academy Awards! The only naked golden man I need to see this Oscar Sunday is right here. It’s scene stealing slab of beefcake Joe Manganiello showing off his godlike physique as the aptly named Big Dick Richie in Magic Mike. I’m particularly fond of the shot of his gilded butt, taint and gigantic ball sack. Click to embiggen.

video source: Mr. Man


Hot shot — Blake Postma

Cute naked male model Blake Postma nearly showing it all.

Super cute prick tease Blake Postma almost showing it all.

photo source: Ray John Pila, via men


Hot shot — Sploosh!

Two hunks with cute butts showing a little ass at the beach.

Is this a circle jerk or are the pissing in the ocean? Either way, sploosh!

photo source: Loving Male Models


Hot shot — Toweling off

Semi-nude Logan  Swiecki-Taylor (Rufskin Summer Burbujas De Deseo)

Model Logan Swiecki-Taylor is nearly naked. You may have seen him before without the towel at Temptation of Eve.

photo source: Rufskin


RIP — Greg Plitt

Artistic nude of fitness model Greg Plitt.

Greg Plitt, the fitness model and personal trainer, died on Saturday during a train accident. (Apparently he was filming an ad for a protein shake near the tracks.) He was a regular on the Bravo series Work Out. He also landed acting roles in movies like Terminator: Salvation and provided the CGI nude body for Dr. Manhattan in the movie adaptation of Watchmen.

UPDATE: He was shooting a video on the Metrolink tracks without a permit. Witnesses say he may have tripped while getting out of the way of an oncoming train. And he might’ve thought the train was on a parallel track. Needless to say, train tracks are not a playground.


Hot shot — His Eminence

Nearly nude Chris Rockway

Chris Rockway barely wearing Eminence underwear.

photo source: I ship dudes


“Hunky Santas: Jingle Bells”

For once I don’t mind getting underwear for Christmas. Andrew Christian’s sexy Santas get naughty and nice while jingling their balls.


Lolo Mari showing some peen

Model Lolo Mari showing some dick meat.

Model Lolo Mari showing some cock root.

photo source: Schlongalicious


Jake Gyllenhaal nude

Sexy promotional shot of Jake Gyllenhaal from Love & Other Drugs

So maybe you’ve heard Jake Gyllenhaal is ruining his looks for a movie role. I smell an Oscar! Hey, it worked for Matthew McConaughey. Let’s pause for a minute to mourn the loss of his hotness by remembering Jake whoring himself out for the movie Love & Other Drugs.