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Hot shot — Toweling off

A naked man finishing a shower.

A hot hunk with a nice ass just finishing his shower.


Just helpin’ a buddy out

Tyler Torro & Steven Daigle (Workin' It Out)

Tyler Torro‘s about to discover one of the perks of having a gay roommate. After he injures his wrist while working out, Tyler’s unable to “take care of himself” — if you catch my meaning. Fortunately Steven Daigle (from Big Brother 10) is on hand, and he’s happy to help a buddy out.

photo source: Next Door Buddies


Windshield wiper

A hot young hunk getting fucked in the shower.

His hard cock wipes the shower door as he gets fucked from behind.

Using his hard cock to clean the shower door. Hope he doesn’t leave streaks.

photo source: boyzwhat


David Gandy keepin’ it clean

Handsome male model David Gandy taking a shower.

Spying on model David Gandy as he takes a shower.

photo source: Mariano Vivanco, via srqguy


Diego Arnary keepin’ it clean

A sexy rear nude shot of male model

Model Diego Arnary taking a shower, shot through a clear glass door. Nice ass!

photo source: Amazing Men


Pretty on the outside

Cody Calafiore's naked ass as he gets into the shower on Big Brother 16.

This is the kind of Big Brother moment I live for. A hot guy dropping his towel right before he gets into the shower, giving us a full on naked butt shot. I would’ve enjoyed this a lot more if it had happened a month ago, because I’ve grown to hate the person who did it.

At least Cody Calafiore still has his looks. Shame about the personality though. Ugh! It kills me. He’s such an asshole. He’s also completely useless in the game. Sucks at comps. Sucks at strategy. He’s just getting dragged along because he’s an idiot who does whatever Derrick tells him. That ass though!

photo source: All BB Updates


Big Boner — Jamie Brooksby’s cock

Big Brother 6 (Australia) was all about Jamie Brooksby’s cock. His big, beautiful, perfectly proportioned penis. The whole house was obsessed with Jamie’s wang, because he gave them good reason to be. Brooksby — who ultimately won the whole damn game — was constantly letting it dangle in front of everyone’s faces.

I wish the U.S. version of BB could be more like this. Australia gets a cock shot supercut, but America’s stuck with bigotry and bullying supercuts. I realize the raunchiness of BB6AU provoked a backlash that almost got the show canceled. (The “turkey slap” controversy!) But still I’d take big dicks and boners over backstabbing bigots any day.

What’s a “turkey slap” you ask? Via Urban Dictionary