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Peachy keen — Laundry day at Michael Yerger’s house

Naked Michael Yerger has a perfect ass

Here’s another round of Survivor hunk nudes to go with the last batch! It’s laundry day at Michael Yerger‘s and he’s completely out of clothes. He hasn’t a stitch to wear. This bubble-butted dirty boy even needs to wash his undies. Naturally, you can find more like this on his OnlyFans.

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Survivor hunk Michael Yerger gets naked on his new OnlyFans

Michael Yerger in a t-shirt & underwear showing outline of his penis

So Michael Yerger — from Survivor: Ghost Island — has an OnlyFans. Like a real OnlyFans, not that fake Bella Thorne shit. And why not? I mean, why should Jenna and Ozzie have all the fun? He promises to make it worth the wait. Based on what’s been floating around social media, he has. He seems to have trouble keeping his clothes on. Even when he’s wearing underwear that doesn’t leave a whole lot to the imagination…

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Peachy keen — Nude Survivor hunk Michael Yerger

Rear nude of Michael Yerger showing his perfect ass

Some revealing shots of Survivor castaway Michael Yerger from an upcoming coffee table book by photographer Bartek Szmigulski. This erotic tease offers some tasteful nudes of Michael toweling off — and one amazing ass shot!

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Survivor hunk Ken McNickle

Shirtless Survivor hunk Ken  McNickle

It’s like Jon Hamm and Gilles Marini had a baby, and they named him Ken McNickle. Ken, of the Gen X Tribe, is easily the hottest cast member of Survivor 33. No competition. He spent most of the first episode running around in boxer briefs, and the CBS censors didn’t even bother to blur his floppy man bulge.

photo source: Maximum Talent Agency


Penner exposes his penis

Remember when three-time Survivor contestant Jonathan Penner got totally naked and did aerobics? No? Well, me neither, but look what I just found. It’s a full frontal nude scene from the 1998 sex comedy Anarchy TV.


Big Boner — Beast Mode Cock Boy?

Caleb Reynolds (Big Brother 16) dick pic

Did future Survivor contestant Caleb Reynolds (aka Beast Mode Cowboy of Big Brother 16) overshare some dick pics on social media? The one damning piece of evidence is that comic book poster in the background. It was a prop in one of the show’s competitions.

I can’t decide if this should be considered in or out of character, because Caleb is a self-described born again Christian who doesn’t approve of the gay lifestyle or in having sex before marriage. But being born again never stopped anyone from whippin’ their dick out. And in the BB house Caleb — who’s been known to make racist and homophobic comments — proved he’d happily rub his dick on any gay man — provided that gay man was the famewhoring brother of a famous pop star and could hook him up with lots of celebrity swag.

That one underwear selfie where he’s showing VPL is definitely him though.

photo source: Spy Cam From Guys


That notorious Survivor dick slip

Marcus Lehman's Survivor dick slip.

As we saw on the latest episode of Survivor after two members of the White Collar tribe went nudist, CBS is usually diligent about blurring out the naughty bits. Even if it’s just a hint of plumber’s crack they’ll add a digital blind spot to shield our supposedly delicate sensibilities.

But in one instance the censors committed an epic fail and this happened. Survivor: Gabon castaway Marcus Lehman ran a challenge in some ill-fitting boxer briefs and — oops! — the mouse came out of the house. Last time I streamed this on Amazon Prime his little flopping penis was still visible.

photo source: ExcellentMen


Christ, he’s beautiful!

Male model and Survivor: One World contestant Jay Byars

It’s Jay Byars from Survivor: One World.

photo source: Rican Romeo