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Tyler Posey’s penis

First Legolas and now Teen Wolf. The internet has gifted us with a closeup of Tyler Posey‘s erect penis. As the series finale rapidly approaches, it seems someone has decided to leak all of the Teen Wolf peen. Dammit! Why did Colton Haynes have to quit the show!?

Following a tradition started by 1990s veejay turned actor Simon Rex, the current MTV star appears in an explicit POV sex tape that shows him pulling a boner out of his pants. Then — after playing with his pre-cum and smacking his throbbing erection around — he strokes his hard cock while moaning “Jesus fucking Christ!” as he brings himself to the brink of orgasm. The short video clip doesn’t include a money shot, but if this goes the way of that Orlando Bloom dick pic leak, the steady drip might soon turn into a flood. Fingers crossed!

video source: naked celebs


Mentally undress Tyler Hoechlin

Teen Wolf star Tyler Hoechlin completely nude with a hard uncut cock.

A full frontal fantasy nude of Teen Wolf actor Tyler Hoechlin that’ll make you howl at the moon.

photo source: Hunkarama