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Take It Easy — Kirk Gauguin paints Elio Chalamet’s face

Cumming on his cute face

“In return for staying in the company apartment we sometimes ask the boys to do a few chores.

Most of the time it is not even worth the effort of asking as they are too easily distracted and whatever they do needs to be redone afterwards.

Such is the case here with Elio Chalamet and Kirk Gauguin.

After a very token sweep og the terrace they decide that they need to go inside to relax and recover, although in this case ‘relax and recover’ really means ‘fuck like rabbits for the next 15 minutes’.

Elio is quite an insatiable bottom when he wants to be, so he gives Kirk quite the treat today and is certainly better for us than if they would have completed their assigned cleaning tasks!” — Watch the hardcore preview @ Bel Ami Online

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Cute boys kissing! Kirk Gauguin & Elio Chalamet (Bel Ami Online)

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Take It Easy with Kirk & Elio

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