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XXXposure — Clark Franco blows Sebastian Kross

Clark Franco giving Sebastian Kross a blowjob

Besides their hard ons, Sebastian Kross and Clark Franco have something else in common: they are smooth from their ears to their toes. Kross’ body is a sculpted masterpiece, with muscles so defined they cast shadows on themselves. Clark is on one knee, providing a blow job that gets Sebastian’s motor revving. Sebastian has to make him stop or he’ll shoot, so he pushes Clark face-down onto a bench, his cock protruding backwards, and begins devour his ass. Clark has smooth, unblemished olive skin and the hard, tight body of an athlete. He grunts and hums. His own tongue flicks in and out, as if imitating what Sebastian’s tongue is doing to his hole. Sebastian is so turned on that he has to cum. Clark leaps up to catch the hot load in his mouth, triggering his own milky explosion. Sebastian leans over and licks the stray droplets of his semen off Clark’s face. — Watch the hardcore preview @ Raging Stallion

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Clark Franco giving Sebastian Kross a blowjob

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Sebastian Kross giving Clark Franco a rimjob

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