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Young Johnny Depp’s naked butt

Now this brings back memories. As a horny ’80s kid, I remember recording this movie — the prurient teen sex comedy Private Resort — when it ran on Cinemax. I wore out a VHS player by pausing, rewinding and slow-mo-ing this scene so I could watch a young Johnny Depp (who was still a teen heartthrob fresh off of TV’s 21 Jump Street) strip out of his boxers and run around butt naked. While I came for Johnny (literally and figuratively), I stayed for the Northern Exposure guy (Rob Morrow) who also bared his big, juicy bubble butt in another extended male nude scene.

video source: Mr. Man

“Young Johnny Depp strips down to boxers to meet a woman, then hides in her closet when her husband comes back.” — Mr. Man

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Mr. Man

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