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Zach Ramos rubs one out » Hot naked hunk

“If you like a hot muscled and tatted latin boy with smoldering eyes and a rock hard cock, then you have definitely come to the right place. Zach Ramos was very quiet, but I did not really give a shit. He was so hot, I did not even need to hear him talk. He was polite, and was willing to do whatever I told him. Basically, I was in heaven. I had him strip in front of the mirror and show off all the muscles he has worked so hard to achieve. By the time he unleashed his cock from his underwear, he was already hard as a rock. He began to jerk his dick off and loved watching himself. He loved us watching him. The shy boy began to fade away and a dirty horny slut started to bubble up from inside. He moved over to the couch and began to jerk his dick off harder. He licked the tip of his finger and touched it to the head of his dick. He flipped over began to show off his little pink pucker to us. He moved his wet finger over his hole and quivered in pleasure. Finally he flipped over and shot a huge white load of jiz all over his chest. This boy is ready for more. And I have just the guys to give it to him. He may be straight, but I think he needs some hardcore gay fucking.” — Randy Blue

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