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A look back at Orphan Black

Dylan Bruce & Tatiana Maslany CFNM in Orphan Black.A little CFNM action when a butt naked Dylan Bruce gets intimate with Tatiana Maslany on Orphan Black.

The main reason to watch BBC America’s Orphan Black is Tatiana Maslany, Tatiana Maslany, Tatiana Maslany and Tatiana Maslany. She plays a streetwise con artist named Sarah Manning who discovers she’s just one of many identical but distinctly individual clones. Once Sarah and her clone “sisters” team up to unravel their mysterious origins, Maslany treats us to several Emmy-worthy performances.

But that’s not the only reason to watch. Being a girl-powered sci-fi thriller means Orphan Black has a healthy interest in male eye candy. As it enters its fifth and final season, lets revisit some of the fleshly delights provided by the men of Orphan Black

Jordan Gavaris as Felix on Orphan Black.

As Sarah navigates a dark and twisted underworld populated by a dangerous assortment of freaks and geeks, her first and most loyal ally is her adopted gay brother Felix — played by Jordan Gavaris who recently came out for real.

Jordan Gavaris showing off his cute naked butt on Orphan Black.

Felix is a struggling artist who makes rent by moonlighting as a male escort. That means whenever Felix goes to work he’s usually at least partially nude. It’s his process. In fact, Felix shows his ass so many times a person might start to think the BBC in BBC America stands for “Bubble Butt Channel.” Check out this gallery to see Felix at work…

And then there’s Paul…

Shirtless hunk Dylan Bruce in Orphan Black.

Paul (played by a manscaped and sculpted Dylan Bruce) is a double agent with divided loyalties who may or may not be a good guy. Paul was a “monitor” assigned to Beth Childs, a troubled clone whose identity is stolen by Sarah after Sarah witnesses her suicide. Paul occasionally risks life and limb — not to mention one other appendage — to protect Sarah.

Tatiana Maslany dominates Dylan Bruce in Orphan Black.

Sometimes that means getting fifty shades of freaky with Sarah’s evil clone sister Rachel.

Dylan Bruce's naked butt on Orphan Black.

On his first day of filming, Dylan Bruce had to work opposite Tatiana Maslany in nothing but a cock sock. He obviously made a strong first impression.

Season three introduced a new twist: the Castor Clones.

Ari Millen in Orphan Black.

The Castors (played by a strangely beautiful Ari Millen) were Sarah’s self-aware and slightly psychotic clone brothers.

Ari Millen doing nude pullups in Orphan Black.

The Castor clones were part of a military faction and maintained a strict workout regimen.

Ari Millen & Ari Millen in an MMF threeway on Orphan Black.

Unlike Sarah and her sisters, who grew up separately and unaware of their clone origins, the Castors were raised as siblings and were taught to share everything. One of them has a perv ‘stache and enjoys having pseudo-incestuous, homoerotic boy-boy-girl threeways with his clone brother.

Michiel Huisman as Cal in Orphan BlackFinally, there’s Cal — aka Sarah’s baby daddy — a rugged individualist who lives off-the-grid. Cal is also the strong, sensitive type. You can tell by his hippie hair. He’s played by a scruffy Michiel Huisman, taking a break from providing Daenerys Targaryen stud service on Game of Thrones. Sadly, Cal keeps his clothes on, but that’s OK. Because if you check him out in the 2003 romantic comedy Phileine Says Sorry, you can see every naked centimeter of Michiel’s delicious Dutch body.

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