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Austin Nichols’ naked butt

Austin Nichols currently plays Spencer, Alexandria’s resident food horder, on The Walking Dead. In the 2008 crime-thriller The Informers he was Kim Basinger’s clingy boy-toy. He’ll never be able to keep that slender physique if he keeps snacking on stolen liquor and expired crackers. Way too many carbs. Scroll through a gallery of sexy screen grabs after the jump…

video source: Mr. Man

Update: BUMPED! Because everyone wants to see Austin Nichols’ naked butt now that he’s been … **SPOILER ALERT** …

… disemboweled and zombified by Negan. What a disappointment Spencer turned out to be! Poor Deanna (“Who’s Deanna?!?!”) must be spinning in her shallow grave.

See Spencer’s naked and still living butt below…

“Austin Nichols is perched nude on top of his lady. There’s a good look at his physique as he gets off the bed and gets dressed.” — Mr. Man

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