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Birthday Suit Battle: Leonardo DiCaprio vs. Ryan Gosling vs. Gerard Butler!

Ryan Gosling's nude locker room scene from Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Three of the hottest (not to mention nudist!) Hollywood heartthrobs are all celebrating birthdays this week. We’re checking out their steamiest NSFW moments to see who wins this Birthday Suit Battle! Check out the oversized packages from Leonardo DiCaprio, Ryan Gosling, and Gerard Butler below and head to the comments to let us know who you think is the hawtest. Candles, balloons, these guys… it’s a birthday — you have to blow something!

1) Gerard Butler – November 13, 1969

Gerard Butler

We don’t need 23AndMe to know that Gerard Butler is our biological zaddy. Sure you remember seeing his stacked bod and hot ass in 300

Gerard Butler hot naked butt in 300

…but did you know that in 1997 he showed his long flopping penis on the beach in Mrs. Brown?

Young Gerard Butler running naked into the ocean with Billy Connolly in Mrs. Brown

Or that in the DVD outtakes for 2009’s Gamer he let his fat tatted ass cheeks hang out for the entire crew to see? Check out Gerard and his dude friend bro-ing out with their cocks out right here.

Gerard Butler bending over mooning in Gamer outtakes

2) Leonardo DiCaprio – November 11, 1974

Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo + Juliet

This birthday boy has one of the most impressive nudity résumés of any A-lister in Hollywood. When he was just a tiny twink he mooned the camera along with celeb contemporary Marky Mark in 1995’s The Basketball Diaries.

Leonardo DiCaprio & Marky Mark mooning in The Basketball Diaries

Leonardo DiCaprio & Marky Mark mooning in The Basketball Diaries

And just a year prior, Leo gave us a great look at his penis and sac in Total Eclipse, where he also had a surprising gay scene. See Leo’s full NSFW scene.

Young twink Leonardo DiCaprio's full frontal nude scene from Total Eclipse

Leonardo DiCaprio's gay love scenes with David Thewlis in Total Eclipse

Leonardo DiCaprio's gay love scenes with David Thewlis in Total Eclipse

If you want a hunkier Leo, you can see him getting some anal pleasure from a candle in 2013’s The Wolf of Wall Street!

Leonardo DiCaprio with a candle up his butt in The Wolf of Wall Street

3) Ryan Gosling – November 12, 1980

Ryan Gosling

And who could forget Ryan Gosling? Possibly our best look at his shredded bod came in 2004’s The Notebook. Ryan and Rachel aren’t the only two who are wet!

Ryan Gosling love scene from The Notebook

But for Ryan’s steamiest nude scene you have to check out 2010’s Blue Valentine. We get a great look at his smooth tight ass as he gets steamy in the shower.

Ryan Gosling showing his hot naked ass in a nude shower scene from Blue Valentine


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