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Cute Kaleb bones Brysen’s butt

Kaleb fucking Brysen up the butt (Sean Cody)

Brysen enjoys a morning marathon of sex when he hooks up with his mancrush Kaleb. There’s sucking in the shower, boning in bed, and he takes a pounding in the pool.

photo source: Sean Cody

Join Sean Cody to watch Kaleb fuck Brysen’s butt until he busts a nut!

Brysen & Kaleb play hide the sausage. Literally.

Brysen kisses Kaleb.

Brysen rides Kaleb's hard cock.

Kaleb slipping Brysen the bone.

Kaleb raw dogging Brysen.

Kaleb fucking Brysen up the butt (Sean Cody)

“On this final day in paradise, Brysen’s wish finally came true… fucked by cute newcomer Kaleb! These two were like two peas in a pod from the moment they met, and it definitely showed. The sexual tension in the air was very strong, and Brysen just couldn’t keep his hands off Kaleb. ‘I’ve been hard since I looked at him for the first time.’ This vacation certainly ended with a bang!” — Sean Cody

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