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Distraction — Dario Beck is bone hard

Dario Beck in Distraction with a boner (Titan Men)

“At a gym, Marco Blaze spots Dean Flynn. The two quickly get distracted with each other as Marco slides his fingers into Dean’s mouth — causing the bench-pressing hottie to pitch a tent inside his shorts, exposing his balls. That catches the attention of toned, tan and hairy pool boy Dario Beck. Marco buries his bulge in Dean’s face, his huge uncut cock soon inside his bud’s mouth. Dean then deep throats both uncut cocks as spit strands dangle from his chin. The three squirt. Dario and Marco 69 as Dean eats and fingers the pool boy’s hairy hole. Dean slides his cock in and pounds Dario, who has to open his mouth wide as his face gets fucked at the other end. Marco then gets a crack at Dario’s hole, the bottom breathing harder and grabbing hold of the bedspread as he gets rammed. The versatile Marco then gets on his back as Dean and Dario take their turns plowing him — soon soaking the smooth stud as they fire off their second round of cum.” — Titan Men

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Gay porn star Dario Beck in Distraction (Titan Men)

Dario Beck in Distraction with a hard-on (Titan Men)

Dario Beck in Distraction with a stiff prick (Titan Men)

Dario Beck in Distraction holding his hard cock (Titan Men)

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